Tuesday, 19 March 2019


Welcome to Season 2019 and a new look to the blog. All the relevant round data will be on the one page and updated here as the games happen... well, as I get around to adding in the AFL game scores.

We have five new players, with @TroyWheatley, @PaulPMark, @Steiny71, @SlackSlayer and @JoelJW_ joining us this year.
Leavers were @OSullySport, @Downisthenewup_, @PokemonHunter78, @TJMillar1 and @MatDatson. Thanks for playing and come back in 2020 if you want to.

For this round, the link to enter tips is here, and will be tweeted at you as well.
When you tip for this round, I will ask for an email address as well. This will make sending the tips out easier and direct, without twitter missing sending as we have seen before.

Anyway, this weeks games to tip and your opponents are below. Get tipping.

NO THURSDAY NIGHT footy is the rule here, so that game is off the list. And for this week, no FRIDAY NIGHT game as well, just to give you all time to get yer tips in.


Wednesday, 13 March 2019


This is only for NEW PLAYERS, so everyone else can please ignore.

Mar 17:

And the 5 games of the AFLW are done, as is your practice run.
So the blog page will update with the below results of all AFL matches played.

3(+)FremantlevsNorth Melbourne(-)5225Frem27
4(+)CollingwoodvsBrisbane Lions(-)2519Coll6
5(+)W Bulldogs/FFCvsCarlton(-)3841Carl-3

And also the margins will be placed next to your tips for ease of reference.

-3W BuCarl13-32-3

Looking at the above and walking through the calculations...
Joel vs Troy
Joel gets 1 for correct on GWS.
Troy gets 1 for nearer the pin on Adelaide, plus 1 for correct on Freo. Add in 2 for Collingwood (correct and inside the accuracy bonus window of 3 to 9), PLUS 3 for the exact on Carlton.

Paul vs Steiny
Paul gets 1 for correct on GWS.
Steiny gets 1 for correct on Adelaide, plus 1 for nearer the pin on Freo.
Paul gets 3 for the exact on the Pies.
Steiny gets 3 for the exact on Carlton.

Total scores:


Of course, with 10 playing you'd end up with a table of wins / draws / losses etc, but we will leave that for the season proper.

Hope all that makes sense.
Hit me up on twitter or in the comments if you need clarification, have questions etc.

Mar 15:

So once tips are collected, they get updated to the blog as per the table below. This is obviously just your section, and in a normal round all the tips will be listed.

W BuCarl2-313-3

From this you can see your tips vs your opponents tips. And with the GWS / Geelong game done (GWS +31), the current running score is


Score based on Paul and Joel getting the tip right only.

Reading the rest of the table and calculating scores is kinda easy. If we use the next game as an example:
If Melbourne win: Paul gets a point, no one else scores. If the margin is 6 to 12*, Paul gets a bonus point for tipping accurately (total: 2)... except if the margin is exactly 9, then he gets 2 extra points for getting he exact score (total: 3).

If Adelaide win, Steiny gets a point for the correct tip, and again the same bonuses apply for the window -6 to -12.
The interest in an Adelaide win for Joel and Troy then revolves around the margin. Both players tipped Adelaide, so the nearest the pin player gets the points.

 Crows by 1 - Joel gets 1 point.
 Crows by 5 - Joel gets 1 point (nearest the pin) and 1 bonus point (inside -2 to -8 window).
 Crows by 11 - Troy gets 1 point (nearest the pin) and 1 bonus point (inside -9 to -14 window). 
 Crows by 8 - Both Joel and Troy get 1 point each (both equally nearest the pin) and 1 bonus point each (inside -5 to -11 window). 

*Bonus point window is -3 to +3 either side of the actual margin.

Trust that makes sense on a per AFL game basis.

The 1-0 scorelines after the GWS game tonight will be updated as the weekend progresses and the player who gets the most points over the whole 5 games gets a player head to head win for the week.

So that's the basis... follow along this weekend to get a feel for it, HMU on twitter for more questions this week and over the season as they arise.

Mar 13:

OK NEW PLAYERS... each week a blog will be posted that will have content like this.

First you will see the list of games to tip, as per here.
NOTE - I'm not setting Thursday night games to tip, and there is only FIVE games of the nine scheduled to tip.

3(+)FremantlevsNorth Melbourne(-)
4(+)CollingwoodvsBrisbane Lions(-)
5(+)W Bulldogs/FFCvsCarlton(-)

The above are AFLW matches, so tip accordingly.
You should also note there is (+) on the GWS side and a (-) on the Geelong side.
You need to tip a margin for that game and all listed, with a HOME win as a positive number or an AWAY win as a negative number.

Example: GEELONG to win by 27 points means you enter -27 into the data entry form that I will post on twitter or send via email, or is inserted into the blog post (see below).

Your tips are then matched against your opponents tips and the better performing tipster gets a win, head to head.

Oh yes, you are playing League-style head to head!
So for the practice games, lets match you up as...


So that's Joel vs Troy, and Paul vs Steiny.

When you play FMITL, you are not just tipping winners but tipping the margins, AND your guess/estimate is compared to your weekly opponent. 

Nearest the pin (etc - see the RULES page), gets a point (or more) per AFL game. Most points from the 5 games wins the tie.

So lets use this as practice, and once the results are known I will explain the logic behind your scores, their generation and reasoning, as well as who 'won' each match-up.

Here is the link - get in and enter tips ASAP, coz games start Friday afternoon - so I need them NOW.

...and relax - its only practice, and all the workings of the system will be revealed!