Thursday, 21 March 2013

FMI Tipsters: Rules

Proposed rules for a FMI tipping competition:

1.1 Players are pitted head to head each week, league style.

1.2 Each week, 5 random games are selected.

1.3 Tippers are to select winners and margins for each game.
   1.3.1 If you don't tip, its an instant loss, and 0 pts for, and opponents score against.

   1.3.2 Tips to be in before 6pm on Friday... no changes after that.
   1.3.2 Rule 1.3.2 tipping deadline can be amended for split rounds etc. at controllers discretion.

1.4 Tipping on games starting at round 2 through to round 19, with rounds 20-23 for finals.
Round 1 is reserved for a practice match, to help us get our act together with real data.
(if I don't get enough players, I could run it with a bye and throw in the old Match Ratio)

1.5 Season progresses for 18 rounds, top 5 go into the finals as per the old final 5 system. Grand final during round 23.
   1.5.1 Bottom 5 also go into a play-off system as above.

2.1 Scoring is based on tippers selcting the correct team, and also nearest the pin on the margin.
   2.1.1 If you get a tip right AND are nearest the pin on margin - 1point
   2.1.2 If you satisfy 2.1.1 AND you are +/- 4points on the margin - 2 Bonus points
   2.1.3 You only get the bonus points if you tip the winner and are nearest.

2.2 If both players are equally away from the correct margin (or on the correct margin), the 1 point from 2.1.1 for the correct tip is split between both players. ALSO, if these results are within the bonus point window in 2.1.2, then both players get the 2 bonus points.

2.3 If an AFL game finishes in a draw, players cannot get the win point from 2.1.1, but if the tipped a margin to be 0-4, then the 2 bonus points are given as per 2.1.2.

2.4 If you tip a draw and the AFL result is a draw, the win point is given as per 2.1.1, and the bonus points in 2.1.2 apply also.

3.1 The winner of a round match-up is the player with the better score across the 5 games as determined by a sum of the points gained from the rules under point 2, above.
   3.1.1 Drawn matches are also possible, and allowed - there will be no count-backs.

3.2 Points awarded for matches based on the result from 3.1 as...
   3.2.1 A win is 4pts,
   3.2.2 A draw is 2pts,
   3.2.3 A loss 0 points.

3.3 Players will be tabled on a ladder according to...
   3.3.1 Standings to be determined firstly by points as awarded in 3.2.
   3.3.2 Scores For and Against will be calculated based on each teams match scores as per point 2
   3.3.3 A 'Score Difference' will be used to separate teams that are deadlocked on points n 3.3.1. Score Difference is Home - Away.
   3.3.4 If Score Difference in 3.3.3 does not break a deadlock, the points scored (For) will be used to separate teams.
   3.3.5 If teams are not separated under 3.3.4, the two teams head-to-head results will be used, with the better result among the two teams to be the winner.
   3.3.6 If this has still not split the teams, the head to head results will be used again, but this time the away scores will count for double points.
   3.3.7 If all the above fails to separate teams a coin toss will be used (and 2 members of the FMI Tipster League will need to be physically present to verify the result).

We reserve the right to make adjustments to the above, as needed.

John is drawn to play Mark
Games:   Freo v WstC   W.B. v Bris   Melb v Port   NthM v Coll   Haw. v Geel.
John:    WstC 26       Bris 34       Melb 11       Coll 22       Geel 8
Mark:    WstC 11       Bris 21       Port 6        Coll 29       Haw 11
Matches: WstC 48       Bris 58       Port 28       Coll 30       Geel 12
SCORE:   John 1        John 1        Mark 1        Mark 1+2      John 1+2

Therefore in this math-up, the result is John 5 v Mark 3 - so John wins (4pts, top of the table 167% F/A), Mark (0pts, 60% F/A)

Does any of that make sense?

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