Monday, 8 April 2013

3. First-up Winners Clash!

This weeks results are in, and the two match-ups where the two winners played each other ended in one win-loss result and one draw!

And at the other end of the spectrum Amul82 remains the only team yet to score.

Team of the week:
As the only player this week to get the bonus points, MarkDuffett scores the nomination.
His Lions tip by 2 points was almost spot on.

Table after two rounds.
And for interests sake, Wal13Freo and Clinton_V8 are separated by goals scored.

Also: deleted matchups from below as they are now above.

All the tips are locked in... here are your matchups (now above).

Get your thinking caps on... another 5 days of tipping considerations please!

This weeks randomly chosen games are:

  Fremantle -v- Essendon
  North Melbourne -v- SMFC/Sydney
  Gold Coast -v- Brisbane Lions
  Richmond -v- FFC/W Bulldogs
  Collingwood -v- Hawthorn

Clashes this week:
MarkDuffet (L) -v- SideBySidePies (W)
Coldogs (W) -v- Davpope (W)
Amul82 (L) -v- Clinton_V8 (L)
Wal13Freo (L) -v- TheHolyBoot (L)
The FMI (W) -v- A_OKeefe (W)

Once again, DM (or email to your winners and the margins before 6pm on Friday 5 Apr.

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