Tuesday, 23 April 2013

5- Early Tip Please

APR 28:
Finally this round is over... the most difficult round to have managed and blogged.
All the results are in...

Huge news this week is that Wal13Freo and DavPope split a result! Both were 7 points either side of the correct margin, so share half a point.
... and Coldogs suffers his first loss.

Teams Of The Week:
Again with the dual nominations this week...
MarkDuffett and SidebySidePies both getting 2 tips inside the bonus points window... with special mention to Mark who scored the Lions result on the money!

Table After 4 Matches:
A log jam of players with 8 points fill spots from 3rd to 8th

APR 26:
Updated with rest of weeks tips:
[removed, see above]

APR 24:
Anzac Day in Wellington tips are here
[removed, see above]

APR 23:
After that weekend, the comp is still wide open... get your heads around this weeks games.

As we are tipping the Anzac Day game, I will accept tips for that game only up until Wed 6pm.
Remainder of games must be tipped before Fri 6pm.

   St Kilda -v- SMFC/Sydney
   GWS -v- Gold Coast
   Port Adelaide -v- West Coast
   FFC/W Bulldogs -v- Geelong
   Brisbane Lions -v- Melbourne

This weeks key match-ups, and the 2 key games... last up winners OKeefe v The Boot, and 5th v 6th, Wal v DavPope

   Wal13Freo (D) -v- DavPope (L)
   The FMI (L) -v- Amul82 (W)
   MarkDuffett (L) -v- Coldogs (D)
   SideBySidePies (L) -v- Clinton_V8 (W)
   A_OKeefe (W) -v- TheHolyBoot (W)

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