Tuesday, 7 May 2013

7- Monday On My Mind

13 MAY:
Monday night update, and all the tipsters that needed a last gasp win to get them over the line... MISSED OUT.
No one tipped St Kilda, so no points to anyone from the last game.

Results are here.

Teams Of The Week:
Multiple nominations this week. Both Coldogs and AFLFootyMaths scored the combination of the bonus points and an opponent with zero points. That's Col's first weekly nomination.
And Wal13Freo also scored the bonus points (and needed them!) in defeating A_OKeefe. Also Wal's first nomination.

Table After 6 Matches: 
The FMI has skipped to be a one and a half games ahead of the pack. With The Boot and AO'K both dropping games, the chasing pack is now lead by Wal and Dave, who both recorded wins.

Amul also is making a run, scoring his third win from 4 games to be within striking distance of the top 5.
Clinton, the Pies and Mark need to get their tipping pencils sharpened if they want to see August finals action.

10 MAY:
Here are the tips for the next 4 days.

7 MAY:
Four days of tipping coming... We are to tip the Monday game, but still need all tips in by Friday 6pm.
Will provide score updates via twitter after each days matches are complete... maybe. 

...If I can get to it.

This weeks games:
 Geelong -v- Essendon
 Brisbane Lions -v- West Coast
 Fremantle -v- Collingwood
 Melbourne -v- Gold Coast
 St Kilda -v- Carlton

The match-ups:
   MarkDuffett (L) -v- DavPope (L)
   SidebySidePies (L) -v- The FMI (W)
   A_OKeefe (W) -v- Wal13Freo (W)
   TheHolyBoot (W) -v- Amul82 (W)
   Clinton_V8 (L) -v- Coldogs (L)

Must win match for Clinton_V8 and Coldogs if they want to keep in touch with the top 5.
And the loser of the Wal13Freo -v- A_OKeefe match will drop out of the top 5... crucial tipping this week guys! 

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