Monday, 13 May 2013

8- Sunday, Bloody Sunday

19 MAY:
Huge set of results this weekend.
- Three players scored the bonus points in the Hawthorn -v- GWS game.
- The draw in the Sydney -v- Fremantle game brought our first result-less matchup (see rules page).
- Three more players scored the bonus points in the Carlton -v- Port Adelaide game.
-  One player scored our first ever correct margin tip, also in the Carlton -v- Port Adelaide game.
-  Two more players scored the bonus points in the Adelaide -v- St Kilda  game.

It was a big week for tipsters!

PS: If you can think of any scenarios not covered by the rules, let me know so we can prepare.

The head to head results:

Team of the Week:
I'm giving only one nomination this week. Coldogs gets three games inside the bonus points window AND the first and only player to have got the exact margin to date.
Col goes back-to-back on weekly best performer... finding a groove that could be hard to beat.

SidebySidePies and MarkDuffett would ordinarily get a nomination  in any other week, but Coldogs' result is extraordinary enough to warrant the sole title this week.

Table After 7 Matches:
The loss to The FMI has brought them back to the pack, with Wal13Freo in second.
DavPope also dropped a game but keeps a tip 5 spot.

Mark Duffet and SidebySidePies both scorewins to get within striking distance of the top 5.

17 MAY:
All the tips are in:


Let me know of any errors (like I made last week).

13 MAY:
No Friday night tipping again as the random draw has picked this weeks games as here...

   Hawthorn -v- GWS
   SMFC/Sydney -v- Fremantle
   Carlton -v- Port Adelaide
   Richmond -v- Melbourne
   Adelaide -v- St Kilda

All three Sunday games being drawn to tip this weekend should make for an interesting afternoon for FMI tipsters!

This weeks match-ups are:

   DavPope (W) -v- SidebySidePies (L)
   MarkDuffett (L) -v- A_OKeefe (L)
   AFLFootyMaths (W) -v- TheHolyBoot (L)
   Wal13Freo (W) -v- Clinton_V8 (L)
   Amul82 (W) -v- Coldogs (W)

All big games this week, but the biggest is (maybe) Amul v Col. Both teams just outside the finals spots, both need to win.

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