Wednesday, 12 June 2013

12- Eight Point Games

17 JUN:
As we write, the are clouds over the coaching positions of a few teams in the League. Wins below have sent the wolves from the door for 2 coaches though.
(And we make no comment on the evolving Need situation).

An important tweet popped up this week, and it is pertinent to one result this week.

Bonus points are important, and as you will see below are the deciding factor in games.
Which is what we wanted in this competition. It is not only about tipping the winners, but tipping the outcome accurately.

This weeks results:
In an unprecedented turn of events, both Dave and Col tipped TWO games by the same margin, effectively making the game a three match battle.

Clinton  does two interesting things this week in defeating Amul. First, as highlighted above, he proves that picking the margin accurately wins you games, as his two winning tips earn 6 points and defeats Amul who tipped more winners.
Secondly, he now has three tips for the season! And we have added a new category of award for this season... the "Bang On Medal". Your leaders are in the sidebar at right.
Also, this result should see the Big Reds coach safe from calls for his head, as they leap up off the bottom of the table.

Wal the league leader puts in a dominating performance over the Boot. Only the consolation point at the end saves the embarrassment of a Holy donut.
Can anyone stop the Pavmantle express?

At the 19min mark of the last quarter, Collingwood were 46 points up. If that margin had of stayed this game wuold have been an epic last gasp 4-5 win to the FMI.
As we all know though, Collingwood put the queue in the rack for the last half, and instead its AOK with the 7-2 win, and the FMI in touble of slipping out of the five.

The cellar dweller battle of the week sees Mark with the win under his new Mick Malthouse-style 'process'. Since there were calls for his sacking, the Isotopes are 1 win and 1 draw, and Mark shuold be safe now.
At the Hot Pies though, its crisis time. Last weeks board meeting gave support to John, but more performances like this could be trouble.
That said, three wins in the next weeks, and the finals are a real chance!

Teams Of The Week:
Its once again time to anoint three more teams... all those that got 2 tips inside the bonus window.
Special mention again to Clinton for the correct Fremantle margin.

Table after 11 Matches:
No change to the order of the top 5 teams.

At the foot of the table, the wins to Clinton and Mark push them to 6th and 7th, and the other three teams all shuffle down.

15 JUN:
Delayed update - some technical issues here now rectified.
All the games tipped here.

12 JUN:
Mick Malthouse might not know what an 'eight point game' means, publicly at least...
"... Malthouse was adamant the Blues tried to prepare identically for every game, regardless of the opponent.
"Yes, we call these eight-point games and this sort of stuff (but) I can’t remember ever getting an eight-point for a win," he said. "That's the way I am, and that's how I will always have my team approach it."
But we know the value of them, and have a few lined up this week in the tipping league head to head matches.

First though, this weeks teams to select from is more about which game misses out than which are included. 6 games to choose from, 5 to include means only one misses out.

These are the games to tip:
    Carlton -v- Hawthorn
    Richmond -v- Adelaide
    Fremantle -v- Brisbane Lions
    GWS -v- Port Adelaide
    Collingwood -v- FFC/W Bulldogs

This weeks head-to-head matchups:

DavPope -v- Coldogs
6th against 2nd. Dave needs the win to stay in touch, but Col is the form team of the comp right now.

Clinton_V8 -v- Amul82
A mid season Elimination final? 9th vs 7th in a must win match.

TheHolyBoot -v- Wal13Freo
4th vs 1st in a preview of finals action, come early?

A_OKeefe -v- AFLFootyMaths
3rd vs 5th. Both teams must win to stay in contention for August finals action.

SidebySidePies -v- MarkDuffett
Another mid season Elimination final? 8th v 10th and it is maybe the game with most riding on it. Both clubs have had board ructions and both coaches are under pressure. Could this be the end for one coach? 

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