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13- Seven! Games! To Finals!

24 JUN:
The scores and tables below...
But first, some policy must be commented on and closed off.

Exception to Rule 1.3.1 Update:
As mentioned below, the FMI Tipping League proposed to suspend Rule 1.3.1 in the exceptional case for Mark, given he also registers his tips and margins on the Monash Tipping site.
We offered this as a means to keep the weeks matches competitive and also as the

With much deliberation over the weekend, and with feedback from the FMI Tipping League members, the League Executive have reached a decision around allowing the suspension of rule 1.3.1, or its maintenance.

It is the League Executives decision that rule 1.3.1 be enforced in this instance, and that @MarkDuffett and the Isotopes be given a 0 score.

This was not an easy decision to make, and deliberations continued well into Sunday night. In the end, the Executive took the decision that rule 1.3.1 should be applied fairly and equally to all players. The circumstances around the suspension as below, while of good intent, could only be applied to Mark as he is the only (known) player at the Monash site.

This therefore created a 'fallback' position for the Isotopes that no other team has. In other words, an advantage for one player who might forget to tweet his tips and margins, that another player in a similar situation does not have.

The Executive also notes that in its FootyMaths blog, we are often commenting on integrity issues inside the AFL and its clubs, and we should be practicing what we preach with respect to our own rules.

The FMI Tipping League thanks those members who gave feedback, and acknowledges that some members chose to abstain. We also sincerely thank both Mark and John (@TheHolyBoot), who have been both noble and gracious with respect to this quandry.

This weeks results:
A dour struggle all weekend that ended in a 2 all draw. Not the result Amul wanted to help get him off the bottom. So too Dave... his 3rd draw of the season, and he desperately needs wins.

Another 2-2 result, this time played out by the top 2 teams. What a tussle that game was, and the battle fr the leadership pf the competition.

Yet another 2-2 draw keeps the 5th and 6th in place and still on the knife-edge for finals action. Another 2 teams that need to win.  

 As before, Mark offereed tips before the deadline, so its John the Bootist with the 6-0 walkover.

A great win for the Hot Pies, set up on Friday night with a three pointer, both the points gained and the margin selected of the actual.
For Andrew, he lives to fight again.

Teams Of The Week:
Two more nominations this week, and its botht e teams to have score the bonus points. The Hot Pies and the Holy Boots.

Table After 12 Matches:

No change in the top 5, other than the top 2 teams now get an extra half a game gap on the feild.
In the bottom half, the Hot Pies' win has them leaping from bottom to 7th.
All teams outside the Five are still only 2 games away from breaking in.

22 JUN:
Three points today. FIRST: Another Friday technical issue delayed the blog update... aplogies to members for this.

SECOND: The FMI League Executive runs this competition for the benefit of its members and has made every attempt to ensure members are informed and reminded of their tipping obligations. The rules were written to encourage tipping before the deadline to ensure all parties conformed to a similar, determined time frames of tipping and knowledge of games and players involved / ground conditions etc.

That said, the FMI League Executive has today taken to suspend rule 1.3.1 which states:
1.3.1 If you don't tip, its an instant loss, and 0 pts for, and opponents score against.

The suspension of this rule is applied to @MarkDuffett in this instance only, as he is also tipper "Duffer" in the Monash University Tipping Competition. This competition is for players to tip all games and margins, so if Mark has entered his tip and margins, then there is a record (available at the end of the round) for us to access.

Therefore, the suspension of the rule is applied, and retroactive scoring for his match against @theHolyBoot will be applied at the conclusion of the round.

If there are no tips and margins recorded against Marks account at Monash, then rule 1.3.1 will be applied.

We have also tried repeatedly to contact Mark last night but without success (and hope nothing untoward has happened).

THIRD: The above suspension is applied ONLY with the consent of the FMI Tipping League Members.
Given the exceptional circumstances around Mark's tipping (as being recorded on another site),we put this to our members to consider fully.
In particular, we ask Marks direct opponent to fully consider the choice of points two and three posted today. Your opinion in particular will be most welcomed and considered.

Please leave blog comments or tweet with mention to @FMITipsters.

On to the tipped games.

19 JUN:
Title with apologies to the Beastie Boys.

Getting down to the nitty gritty now... cannot emphasis enough the need to tip well from here on in .

These are the games to tip:
    Hawthorn -v- West Coast
    St Kilda -v- Melbourne
    FFC/W Bulldogs -v- Richmond
    Fremantle -v- North Melbourne
    Brisbane Lions -v- Geelong

This weeks head-to-head matchups:

Amul82 -v- DavPope
Another battle that could see the loser miss the finals as 9th take on 8th. Both still have chances to make the finals, but dropping this one will be costly

AFLFootyMaths -v- Clinton_V8
The first of two games for teams on the edge of the finals... must win here for both 5th and 6th placed teams to maintain their finals push.

MarkDuffett -v- TheHolyBoot
The second match up with teams looking to press home their finals advantage.. Can the up and down 7th placed Isotopes upset the Holy Boots in 4th?

SidebySidePies -v- A_OKeefe
It looks like it might be the last chance for the 10th placed Hot Pies to get into gear before the finals against the AOK's in 3rd.
Meanwhile the rest of the competition is loving seeing the black and whites at the foot of the table!

Wal13Freo -v- Coldogs
Its the battle of the top two this week! 1st v 2nd to shake out the leadership issue once and for all. It might even open up the window to a few of the following pack to peg one back.
Whose tipping reigns supreme! (Apologies to Chairman Kaga and the Iron Chef announcer).

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