Tuesday, 25 June 2013

14- Wide Open Road to Finals

30 JUN
A weekend of low scores as a few outsiders got up in the real footy.

Results here:
 A tight match won over the last two games as Wal scored by going heavy on the Cats and Hawks.

Another close game won in the last game. Kudos to Amul for scoring on the Melbourne tip. Almost worth three points for the bravery in picking the Dees.

Deadlocked heading into the last game, and Mark pulls out a bang-on tip to win over Col. As before, Mark was also brave in being the only tipster to pick Port Adelaide.
Mark also scores a 'Bang-On' medal point as well.

 Yet another match-up deadlocked leading into the Sunday, and yet another definitive result by Clinton scoring 3 points to put the game beyond his opponent.

The early 3 pointer by Andrew had this game weighted in his favour all weekend, and by Saturday night it was all over.

Teams Of The Week:
Three nominees this week, all for scoring the bonus points.
Would love to give another point each to Marks Isotopes and Amul's Sack 'Em All's for picking the upsets too.

Table After 13 Matches:
No change at the top other than the loss to Col means that Wal increases his lead at the top.

The Boot's loss puts him close to dropping out of the 5, with Clinton and Mark ready to pounce

27 JUN
All the tip selections here:

25 JUN
Looking at the table from last round (at right), there are 5 teams on 20 or 18 points all needing 2 wins to get into the top 8.
So much to play for and all five are looking down a wide open road (apologies to The Triffids) to the finals. Its yours if you tip well and tip smart.

These are the games to tip
We are back, finally, to selecting randomly five games from a full board matches.
West Coast -v- Essendon
Port Adelaide -v- Collingwood
Melbourne -v- FFC/W Bulldogs
Geelong -v- Fremantle
Hawthorn -v- Brisbane Lions
Tips in for ALL GAMES before 6pm on Thursday please!

...you all know what happens if we dont get them!

This weeks head-to-head matchups:

DavPope -v- Wal13Freo
8th placed Dave, who is equal fourth lowest scorer, takes on 1st placed Wal. The Pavmantle powerhouse is a prolific tip winner and it is a tough ask for the Iron Giants to get over.

Amul82 -v- AFLFootyMaths
The best chance for the last placed Sacks to get off the bottom this week as they take on the FMI computer, which is in a slump at present. The Institute needs to win to keep its finals hopes alive. A key game of the week.

Coldogs -v- MarkDuffett
After last weeks 'no tipping drama', Mark will need to be on the money this week to lift the 9th placed Isotopes back into finals contention. Cols Dogs in 2nd will want a win here too, to claim top spot to go along with his current highest scoring team claim.

Clinton_V8 -v- SidebySidePies
Serious clash this one... its 6th v 7th and a chance to keep finals hopes alive. A win inches them close, a loss might shut the gate!

TheHolyBoot -v- A_OKeefe
And this is the other major battle of the week. A match-up between 4th and 3rd, where the loser slips closer to missing finals, and the winner steps closer to locking themselves into the five. 

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