Tuesday, 2 July 2013

15- Five To Go, One Miss Out?

8 JUL:
Corrected in red below:
Getting into the business end of the season now... everyone must really win games from here on in, to either have a chance at finals, or to cement a top 5 spot, or to even hold a double chance finals spot!
Down the side column we have added the remaining games of the season, so you can see your opponents and work out your chances!

To the results!
A few games were poorly tipped by most this week, dragging down the scores.
After missing 2 of the first three games, Dave leveled the match-up with a better Swans tip. but The Machine at the institute booted home a decisive win with a near perfect Bombers tip.

Wal got away to a handy lead as Mark missed both the first 2 games winning tips. Both missed the third game, but Mark's Isotopes powered back in the last to tie up the match 2-2/

The battle between 2nd and 3rd was a close on all weekend, as both players went close on most tips. The AOK's pinched the match at the death with the big margin on the Bombers.

The Holy Boot looked headed for the win on the Sunday, scoring in the early game, but Clinton tied up the contest with a late Dons tip, and just missing the 3 point window too.
 Earlier on Saturday night, Clintion's Big Reds had a few moments in the game where Geelong were leading in the 3pt window, but it wasnt to be.

A near elimination final between cellar dwellers the Hot Pies and The Sack-Em-All's was the weekends feature match.
And what a result! Amul kicked away early by just missing the Lions tip by a point, and tipping Geelong (and at one stage being in the 3pt window) put him 4-1 up with 6 points available on the Sunday.
Amul put the tie away though with the Sydney result, but a spirited Hot Pies combo played well to the siren and slotted 3 points on the Bombers game to go down fighting 4-5

Teams Of The Week:
Another week of low scores gives us just three nominations this week, all got the bonus points and two of them were in the same game!

Table After 14 Matches:
Another gap between 5th and 6th has developed... not insurmountable to bridge, but we could have our top 5 settled now with just four matches to go.

All you teams at the foot of the table MUST WIN at every chance from here.
Raw numbers suggest that... IF...
The bottom two teams win all remaining games AND
The Boot and The FMI lose all remaining games
Dave's Iron Giants and John's Hot Pies    ...can still make the finals!

But a loss in the next round will  be curtains for them.

5 JUL:
Here are all the weekends tips.

2 JUL:
FIVE games to go before finals, and still we have the last placed team still 2 games out of the finals... still much to play for.

These are the games to tip
Luck of the draw says we tip a big game, and miss a big game.

    North Melbourne -v- Richmond
    Brisbane Lions -v- Gold Coast
    Geelong -v- Hawthorn
    Melbourne -v- SMFC/Sydney 
    Essendon -v- Port Adelaide

Yep, we tip the Cats -v- Hawks, but miss the chance to tip the Blues -v- Magpies.

This weeks head-to-head match-ups:

AFLFootyMaths -v- DavPope
The two teams that kicked the whole 'Man vs Machine' tipping off last year.  Dave needs to win to keep the fight for the five alive, and The FMI need to win to secure a five spot.

MarkDuffett -v- Wal13Freo
Mark's returned to some form with his tweaked systems, and is back vying for 5th this week. Wal though, just keeps on winning. A tough ask for Mark.

A_OKeefe -v- Coldogs
The second and third placed teams might be able to lock in a top five spot, and also keep in touch with Wal in first.

TheHolyBoot -v- Clinton_V8
A great tussle again for Clinton. Again in 6th and like last week, again taking on a near competitor... this time 5th placed Boot.
Another 'both teams must win' clash, where the winner will hold a top 5 spot

SidebySidePies -v- Amul82
This might just be THE ELIMINATION FINAL we have been predicting for a few weeks now. Its 9th vs 10th. Both on 18 points, both need to win at every opportunity from here on in... 
It is ON like DONKEY KONG!

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