Tuesday, 30 July 2013

19- The End Is Near

4 AUG:
Owing to a few questions during the week, the total number of correct tips is now listed down the right hand side.

This weeks results!
Dave put in the good fight, but was defeated bt the Boot who scored an exact margin on the Port game. The win is enough to keep the Boots in the top half and have a run at the Percy. Dave finished home and away in 9th, and can have a crack at the Blethyn.

Clinton left it all out on the park, putting on a dominant display to win 6-0 over Andrew. Despite a great win, it was not enough to sneak a last round leap into the top 5. Instead, Clinton gets the week off before taking part in the Blethyn Plate. Andrew moves to the Percy Jones Cup

Technical problems late on Friday (almost equivalent to the time Garry Sidebottom missed the bus!) have cost John's Pies any points and gifted Col the walkover win. John also finishes the regular season in last place but is still alive for the Blethyn Plate... every game an Elimination final!
For Col, the win is security of finishing in the top 2, and a big show of winning the Jones Cup.

Emile threw caution to the wind in tipping this week hoping to get enough to breach the big gap to the top 5. It wasn't to be, as the more consistent Mark scored early and also picked up an exact tip to take out the match. Both players are into the Plate final, and meet again next week.

A series of tipping upsets made this match a dreary affair. The only outcomes were that Wal was happy to score another draw and take the week off in the Percy finals, and in a surprising twist, the 2 points here, and Andrew's loss above helped the FMI on the ladder.

Teams Of The Week:
A raft of choices this week, but we have narrowed it down to to three players to get the nomination this week.
The only two to score on the money, Mark and John.

Table After 18 Matches:
Conformation of the end-of regular season table...
Wal wins the inaugural minor Premiership, and John the wooden spoon.

As before, the draw to the FMI and Andrew's loss sees the last double chance slot fall to the FMI

Finals start next week with Wal nad Clinton having the week off.

3 AUG:
All the tips...

Yes, unfortunately that is a 'no tips received' from the Hot Pies handing the walkover to Coldogs. This should all but ensure the Pies finish last, and Col finishes at least 3rd, and maybe even 2nd.

30 JUL:
Before the final round news... another announcement.

After two weeks ago naming the FMI Tipsters League Premiership the "Percy Jones Cup", we this week announce that we will award the bottom 5 teams playoff finals series after a respected footballer by all of the boffins here at the institute.

The bottom 5 will battle it out for the "Geoff Blethyn Plate".

Geoff, as you are no doubt aware, was a high marking bespectacled Essendon sharpshooter from the 60's and 70's.
He kicked 107 goals in 1972 to be the league's second highest goalkicker (after Peter McKenna bagged 130 goals) to miss out on the Coleman. He was also Essendon's leading goalkicker in 1970, 1972 and 1976.

Geoff also played for Claremont in WA during 1973-1975, and Port Adelaide in the 70's, tasting Premiership success with them.

A great read on Geoff here by Peter Hanlon... go on, have a read.

Geoff Blethyn: The only player to take a speccy wearing specs.

Geoff Blethyn: The T-Shirt as 'Modern Art'.

The final round is here!

Picking from these games this week:
   GWS -v- Melbourne
   Hawthorn -v- Richmond
   West Coast -v- Gold Coast
   FFC/W Bulldogs -v- SMFC/Sydney
   Adelaide -v- Port Adelaide

What a set of games...
- The Carnival of Hate IV (and first at Skoda),
- another chance for Richmond to fail against a Grand Finalist (and first/only time they meet in H/A rounds),
- the Coast2Coast clash (copyrighted by me, AFL marketers),
- the 'Formerly-Known-As' Derby (FFC v SMFC),
- and a Showdown (35th!)

The weekends head to head matchups...
    TheHolyBoot -v- DavPope
Dave can shape the finals again, and after last weeks big win it is entirely possible. Boot needs a win to be sure of top 5 action

    Clinton_V8 -v- A_OKeefe
Clinton must win and win big to have any chance for the top 5, Andrew also needs to win to hold a double chance slot.

    Coldogs -v- SidebySidePies
Col's form is down and could miss the double chance spots with a win. The Pies are out of the top 5 race, but could upset Col's applecart (and its also Ess v Coll in the real stuff too).

    Amul82 -v- MarkDuffett
Amul has the most slenderest of chances to make the top 5...  needing a big win here over Mark, and needing The Boot to lose badly... Amul needs to overcome the 21 point SD difference between himself and the Boot.
Mark, on the other hand is one and a half games outside the top 5, so will have to look t the Blethyn for silverware this year.

    Wal13Freo -v- AFLFootyMaths
Can the Wal-fired powerhouse continue? Will the gears of the FMI computer turn out winning tips?
Wal is safe with a week off next week, and the FMI needs to win for a double chance chance.


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