Tuesday, 6 August 2013

20- Finals Finally Finalised

13 AUG:
The results are in, and aren't we glad to write up the rules in case of draws in finals...
And as we tweeted, plenty of players brought their A-game to the contest this week.

In the first Percy Cup final, three tips were inside the bonus window, and The FMI was one point outside the window on the last game of the week too. A great matchup well played by both, and well won  by Col.

The Elimination final brought an even higher level of performance. Two tips each inside the window from each playr, and Andrew also scored a margin tip right on the money.
And this match is why we were happy to have written the 'draw in the finals' rules.
To sort this match winner, we need to apply rule 4.2.1
4.2.1 The player with the overall (nett) closest margin totaled from the 5 games will be declared as the winner of the finals match-up.
The nett margins from the above are calculated at right, game by game, and the total is below.
Unfortunately for John, it sees him lose the match-up and be eliminated from the finals.
And for Andrew, its survival for another week, and a matchup with the FMI.
Great tipping guys, bad luck that someone had to miss out though. 

Over to the Blethyn Plate games...

The qualifying final was clinched by the lower positioned Emile on the last match of the round with a 1 point off actual tip. Way to boot it home!
Mark survives to play again.

Dave scored hard early, and John could never get close enough during the remainder of the match. The Pies leave the finals, and Dave now faces Mark and his mathematical tipping model.
A gracious John farewells the tipping comp.

10 AUG:
Tips for the Finals here...
Percy Jones Cup
During the season the teams went:
Coldogs 5-1 The FMI (Match 8)
The FMI 4-1 Coldogs (Match 17)

A_OKeefe 1-3 TheHolyBoot (Match 4)
TheHolyBoot 0-5 A_OKeefe (Match 13)

Geoff Blethyn Plate 
During the season the teams went:
MarkDuffett 0-4 Amul82 (Match 9)
Amul82 3-5 MarkDuffett (Match 18)

DavPope 4-6 SidebySidePies (Match 7)
SidebySidePies 1-1 DavPope (Match 16)

5 AUG:
As early as possible... here are this weeks finals games to select from, and the match-ups.

    St Kilda -v- Hawthorn
    Richmond -v- Brisbane Lions
    Geelong -v- Port Adelaide
    Essendon -v- West Coast
    Adelaide -v- North Melbourne

  Elimination Final          A_OKeefe -v- TheHolyBoot
Andrew stumbles in the last week and tumbles into an the Elimination final. Andrew has not been able to convert losses into draws so now takes on John's Holy Boots. Andrew has a better scoring record, but finals is a different game... and The Boot is on a good run too.

  Qualifying Final          Coldogs -v- AFLFootyMaths
A big final this one... the team with the most correct tips across the year (the FMI) take on Coldogs, the heaviest scorers of the regular season.

  Week-OffWal13Freo has the week off, progressing through to the 1st Semi Finals, to meet the winner of Coldogs v the FMI.

  Percy Jones Cup Path

  Elimination Final          DavPope -v- SidebySidePies
After scoring the inaugural Wooden Spoon, John will want to salvage something of the season by at least winning one finals match.
Dave on the other hand, the first instigator to take on the the FootyMaths computer, is in good form recently and will want to finish well.

  Qualifying Final          MarkDuffett -v- Amul82
Emile has been in good form recently, pulling himself up from last to get a double chance at the Plate. Mark also has modified his teams structures and has performed well after a stern board performance review.
Quality match-up!

Clinton_V8 has the week off, progressing through to the 1st Semi Finals, to meet the winner of MarkDuffett v Amul82.

  Blethyn Plate Path

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