Wednesday, 14 August 2013

21- Final Four Fever

Before we get to the results... a few things.

          1) Over the off-season, we will run a few scenarios on the format and scoring of the competition based on the past years data (e.g. widening or narrowing the bonus window, additional points for exact tips etc).
We welcome any other concepts you have.

          2) We call on all of you to continue tipping right up to the end of round 23... even if you have been eliminated. Why? Well we have been accumulating the number of correct tips per player throughout the year WITHOUT the need to be closest on margins... that is, like a traditional tipping competition, but ONLY on the games randomly selected. The tipping table is in the right sidebar, and from now on is known as the "Mike Williamson 'I Tipped This' Medal'.
Players not continuing in finals action are kindly requested to tip only winners of the games selected.

The results are in, and thanks to John, you pretty much have them all now anyway.

Percy Jones Cup
 Long time league leader Wal has fallen in his first final to a deserving Col. Wal gets a another chance via the Preliminary Final, while Col gets the week off and is straight into the Grand Final.
Col also scores another bang on the margin tip and gets another point toward the "Plugger Locket".

Andrew tips consistently well enough to be on the better side of three games to score the win and live again via the Preliminary Final. And in tipping on the higher side, he dumps The FMI from its own competition, leaving it in 4th for the year.
The FMI leaves as the best tipper of winners (but not winners & margins) for the year, scoring 89 correct of 100 games tipped.

Geoff Blethyn Plate
Clinton rises to the occasion after his week off to win comfortably over Emile, and in doing so goes into the Plate Final directly, and earns another week off.
For Emile, it was a brave effort, just one game outside the final after at one stage being last on the table. Still, he lives to try again next week.

Mark would be less than happy in only tipping three winners, but scoring the bonus on the Brisbane games would lift the spirits before next weeks Preliminary Final.
As to Dave, he bows out after being the second best tipper all year (84 correct from the 100 games tipped to date). Dave also stayed alive long enough to bow out of the competition at the same time as his arch nemesis, The FMI computer.

16 AUG:
Tips for the semi finals are here
Percy Jones Cup:

Geoff Blethyn Plate:

14 AUG:
Into the point end well and truly now...
This weeks games:
   Richmond -v- Carlton
   West Coast -v- Geelong
   Brisbane Lions -v- GWS
   Melbourne -v- Fremantle
   FFC/W Bulldogs -v- Adelaide

  2nd Semi Final          AFLFootyMaths -v- A_OKeefe
Outstanding tipping by Andrew saw him score the exact margin plus another bonus window game plus be closer on all margins to eliminate The Boots.
Can he also tip out the competition manager and supercomputer?

AFLFootyMaths 3-1 A_OKeefe (Match 2)
A_OKeefe 7-2 AFLFootyMaths (Match 11)

  1st Semi Final           Wal13Freo -v- Coldogs
The best two teams for most of the second half of the year... the winner gets direct entry to the Grand Final. Has the week off softened Wal and the Pavmantle Effect? Can Col also collect another big bag this time? And look at the previous match-ups!

Coldogs 2-2 Wal13Freo (Match 3)
Wal13Freo2-2 Coldogs (Match 12)

  2nd Semi Final          MarkDuffett -v- DavPope
Dave also scored heavily last week to earn another final, while Mark only picked up 2 points. Dave looking good and bringing form to this match-up.

MarkDuffett 1-3 DavPope (Match 6)
DavPope 0-4 MarkDuffett (Match 15)

  1st Semi Final         Clinton_V8 -v- Amul82
Emile sacked Mark last week and could get in to the Plate final this week if his run of form continues. Once last, he has strung together good tipping for this finals tilt. Clinto had the week off, and is still the best Plate contender, and has the runs on the board in regular season play.

Amul82 0-3 Clinton_V8 (Match 2)
Clinton_V8 6-3 Amul82 (Match 11)

Good Luck and good tipping.

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