Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Premiers! (and awards)

So the inaugural FootyMaths Institute Tipsters League season has reached its ultimate point, the crowning of its first Premiers.

Before we get to the Premiers for season 2013, we would first like to thank all players for tipping all year and continually coming back. Its been a big 6 months and even into the last month the competition was still wide open.
Thanks all for making it a fun competition!

Also before crowning our Premiers, lets recap some of the other winners of the season.

1. Minor Premiers:
A great season of tipping by all in the regular season was topped off by the beast from the Golden West.

Wal was outstanding in tipping this year, often able to score inside the bonus point window to pinch the match.
He was the season phenomenon, finishing 3 and a half games clear at the top, leaving all in his wake.
Well tipped and well played Pavmantle!

2. The Wooden Spoon
With every league competition, there are the champs at the top, and strong clubs at the bottom that hold the rest up.
And in this, our inaugural season, its great to see the team that carries the colours of the most popular teams in Australia at the foot of the table!

John is not pleased to be handed the spoon, but we at the FMI have nothing but praise for him. He has battled on manfully, and even been a tireless behind the scenes toiler offering some ideas for improvement.
Thanks JM!

3. The 'Plugger' Locket for most games tipped exactly.
In setting up this season, it was not expected at the Institute that we would get so many exactly tipped games. We expected maybe 2 or three, but as the season wore on, there was enough for us to strike this award.

And this year it goes to Clinton, who after regular season play topped the list with three.
Well played Big Reds... quality tipping.

4. [As Yet Un-named] Award for Tipping in the Bonus Window
An additional award goes to the player to have tipped correctly the most inside the bonus window. And while we didn't run this tally all year, it is compiled at left.
And the winner is, not surprisingly, the player who scored the most points all year.
Great tipping Col.

5. The Mike Williamson 'I Tipped This' Medal
Inspired by an idea from John (Hot Pies), with the medal title idea from Mark, the 'I Tipped This' Medal celebrates the best tipper of winners, regardless of the margin.

And in a shock to the boffins here at FMI HQ, this medal does not go to the Minor premiers, premiers or any team in the top 5, but to Dave!
Very unlucky it seems were the Iron Giants (also known as key arch nemesis of the FMI supercomputer), who scored 83 correct tips to top the table.

6. Special Mention
Never leaving any game in doubt during 2013, we have to make a special commendation to our only team to go through the full home and away season and never score a draw.

Andrew's A-OK's played an amazing 18 games (at 10 and 8) before scoring his first draw in the finals (won on countback).

7. The Geoff Blethyn Plate [Consolation Final Winner] 

In the play-off for the Blethyn Plate, by weekends end the score were as below.

With some modest tipping, the result was tied 1-1. So once again, the nett margin difference between what was tipped to the actual result was used to separate them (as per right), meaning the first Blethyn Plate winner is Clinton.

7. The Percy Jones Cup [and FMI Tipsters League Premiership] 

As it happens in most league competitions, the season finale was between the top two teams. Leading into the finals, Wal's 'Pavmantle' were the red hot favourites having finished clear on top of the table.
The only team that looked possible to challenge was Col's 'Col's Dogs' who had the most tipping points for the season, and also drew in both regular season matches with Wal.
In the finals, Col was able to gain the mental edge over Wal by knocking him off in the Semi and snagging the Grand Final spot.

And the run of the weekend past also mirrored both the Blethyn Plate final (with players missing upset tips), and the Semi Final matchup.

So with a 2-1 Grand Final win,
the Inaugural FootyMaths Institute
Tipsters League Champions is 

Congratulations Col!

In lieu of us not yet creating the Percy Jones Cup, here, in VFL/AFL old school fashion is the Premiership flag for 2013.

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