Wednesday, 15 January 2014

2014 Season Primer

After the first 10-team season of the FootyMaths Institute Tipsters League, we are now in serious planning for season 2014  - aka FMITL-2!

We were after an additional 10 players to join the ranks and create a 2nd division, and we have picked up 12 to date (and it will need to be capped, probably at 14).

Returning for 2014 are:
@Coldogs (reigning Premier), @Amul82, @A_OKeefe, @DavPope (instigator of this whole thing), @Clinton_V8 (the accurate one), @MarkDuffett, @TheHolyBoot, @SidebySidePies and @Wal13Freo

The new players for Division 2 are:@Supermercado99 (first in, so first up if a D1 teams withdraws), @AndrewGigacz, @SgtButane, @J_Foreigner, @MattSlutzkin, @Kevs_View, @TheTipsGuru, @LaurenceRosen, @Carlo_Monty_AFL, @Ethan_Meldrum, @SJHRoss and @LucasGarth

Its is worthwhile following everyone in your group (or even outside) as there was quite a bit of good humoured banter last year... it is meant to be fun after all.

Div 1 will again play 18 games, home and away as per last season, and it will kick off on Round 1.
- Rounds 1 to 18 will be 'regular season'.
- Rounds 19 to 22 will be the finals for the best 5 players.

With Div 2 having 12 teams, it will be split into Pool A and Pool B, 6 teams in each. This creates a 10 game home and away, inside each pool season, with a further 6 games played outside your pool. A 16 game season.
- Round 1 will be a practice round so new players get the gist of what is happening.
- Rounds 2 to 17 will be the matches as above.
- As per the players in Div 1, finals will be over rounds 19 to 22, with the top 4 in each Pool playing for 1 spot in a Pool v Pool Div 2 title match in Round 22.

All the above is PLANNED ONLY, pending closing out the nominations for D2.
There is a vacant week in Round 18 for D2, and a slot in Round 23 for a possible relegation promotion playoff game. Planned schedule as here. A 14 team D2 will alter this.

Current thinking around promotion/relegation is to either...
A) Drop the bottom two from D1, and promote the top 2 (winners of R21) from D2, or
B) Do as per A and have R23 relegation/promotion playoff. This match is between the third worst from D1 and the winner of a R22 playoff from the two losers from R21, or
C) Last in D1 is relegated, winner of D2 R22 Grand Final goes up. 2nd last in D1 and loser of D2 Grand Final go into the R23 relegation/promotion playoff. 
Appreciate your thoughts around these ideas (and remembering its my comp, and my eventual choice).

Rules on the tipping competition are as per the rules page, and the blog history will show you how its done.

Some initial rule changes are...

OUT:    1.3.2 Tips to be in before 6pm on Friday... no changes after that.
IN:     1.3.2 Tips to be in before MIDNIGHT on the day before the first AFL game of the round.
...So for Fri night games, tips in by midnight Thursday. (Note also: 1.3.3 Rule 1.3.2 tipping deadline can be amended for split rounds etc. at controllers discretion.)

OUT:    All of rules 1.4 and 1.5
IN:     to be amended to the above schedule chart, once finalized.

Further changes (or none) will be made to Scoring rules (2. etc) once scenarios are completed and blogged for discussion (and again...its my comp, and my eventual choice).

No proposed changes.

To be changed as per schedule above.

Let me know if any of that doesn't make sense, or comments on the system, promotion, relegation etc... either as a blog comment, or via the twitter thingo.

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