Wednesday, 22 January 2014

D2: Pools Confirmed

As mentioned in the 2014 Season Primer, and formalised in the Rules, Div 2 will be a 12 team, two pools of 6 structure, with the best team guaranteed a spot in Div 1 next season.

Today, officials from the FootyMaths Institute conducted a draw to determine the teams in each pool. The results are as below.

POOL A                              POOL B

And as mentioned in the Primer post, your Div.2 playing schedule will consist of 1 game against each of the players from the other pool, and 2 games (home and away) against players from within your pool.

The green highlighted numbers indicate the 'top 4' places for intra-pool finals during rounds 19-22.
The red highlighted '6' is obviously last place, but also an automatic relegation position (subject to expansion to a Div.3 next year)... so lots of reason to keep playing and tipping well!

And, of course, they don't indicate anything now, other then the order drawn.

Also as mentioned in the Primer and the Rules, the top 4 finalists from each pool will play off for a Pool championship first, then the winners of each pool championship will play off for the overall Div.2 title (and automatic promotion to Div.1.
The loser of this battle goes into a playoff with t e 9th placed Div.1 team fopr the right to a Div.1 place.

A later blog post will contain the fixtures for the Div 2 intra-pool games as well as the cross-pool games.

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