Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Major Announcement

With the increased playing roster to the FMI Tipsters League to 22 players, we have now achieved a critical that allows us to conduct...
The Inaugural (Naming Rights Available) FMI League Cup

The competition will be played concurrently with the normals season, will involve all teams regardless of Division, and be played in a knockout format.

The full starting list of 22 teams will be drawn into the knockout table, with 12 teams randomly selected for the first phase, and the remaining 10 will be slotted directly into the next phase, the Round of 16. This will be a RANDOM DRAW so you will be lucky to be selected directly to the second round.

The scoring rules for each match remain the same as the normal league play (higher score as per the rules of play wins, etc), but what does change is the structure of the teams playing and matches to be selected.

The matches to be tipped will NOT be the same as those 5 games used for regular league play, but will be an additional 3 games (selected at random) from the remaining 4 games of the AFL round.
[Note that as there are only 6 games during rounds 8, 9 and 10, so there are no League Cup Games those weeks]

Furthermore, only two players (with one exception) will be playing a League Cup match each week, along with their regular season commitment.
Each round, two players will play with one eliminated, until all 21 knockout games are concluded and a League Cup Champion decided.
Matches will be played from Round 2 through to the League Cup Final, to be held during Finals Week 1 (Qualifying / Elimination Finals Week).

Below is the draw schedule as determined by the FootyMaths Institute board, with the head to head matches randomly drawn into each AFL Round as listed below.

Once again... any comments, questions clarifications can be directed to the FMI staff either by the comments on the blog or back at twitter.

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