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2. All Serious, All The Time

30 MAR:
All the results are in, so first to the contest that concluded first...

League Cup.
After a bonus point was collected, Matt was looking good for progression with a 2-0 lead, but Laurence scored 1 at the Showdown and also pocketed a bonus point with the Geelong win, to seal it 2-3.

Laurence now progresses to the round of 16, where he will play Clinton in round 16.
R2 MattSlutzkin 2

R 16 LaurenceRosen
LaurenceRosen 3


And its mothballs for unlucky Matt. It was great tipping by him, only barely missing out on the win.

Div. 1 Action.
The results are...
2.1 A_OKeefe 2 - 4 DavPope
2.2 Footy_Maths 5 - 0 TheHolyBoot
2.3 Coldogs 4 - 2 MarkDuffett
2.4 SidebySide 2 - 3 Amul82
2.5 Wal13Freo 2 - 3 Clinton_V8

Dave picked up bonus points from 2 games, and that was enough to win it, despite Andrews best efforts.
Boot never got in the right area to score.
Col came from behind after Mark got the early bonus to tie it, then win a bonus on the last game to seal that game.
Sidebyside led all weekend, but Amul scored a bonus on the last game to steal it.
Clinton held the lead all weekend over Wal.

Div. 2 Action.
In the first of five cross pool series games, the match-ups ended...
1.1 SgtButane 4 - 4 Supermercado99
1.2 Kevs_View 1 - 3 J_Foreigner
1.3 TheTipsGuru 0 - 4 AndrewGigacz
1.4 Carlo_Monty_AFL 0 - 5 MattSlutzkin
1.5 LaurenceRosen 1 - 4 Ethan_Meldrum
1.6 LucasGarth 1 - 4 SJHRoss

The Sarge scored a Thursday night exact to make the tie seem a foregone conclusion, but Supermerado fired back with the exact on Saturday night. Sundays games went 1 each to finish as a great draw.
The Foreigners clawed back 3 point from 3 games to win over the early firing Kev.
Andrew hit the mark often, while the Guru was not in the right frame.
Matt scored 1 in ever game to edge out Carlo convincingly.
Sean went behind early, but the collected 4 points from the last 3 matches, including a bonus, to shut out Lucas.

Exact Margins:

Bonus Points:


 A new leader in Div 1, and only two undefeated teams.
Positions 5th thru 7th all with the same points, S.D. and 'for' scores, so impossible to split now.

The first tables in Div 2 look like this, and remember we re playing cross-pool games first, which is why there is 5 winners and 1 drawn game in the Jakovich pool and corresponding numbers of defeated teams in the Jackson pool.

Housekeeping... do you prefer a single blog like this that covers all the issues per round...?
Or do you prefer a tips page and separate results blog post...?

27 MAR:
Ok... before getting to the matchups and tips... housekeeping.
1) Many comments about the Thursday night game affecting tipping on Sat/Sunday gamess - taken and noted.
2) After a review, we will likely alter tipping schedule for the next Thursday night game (creating a Wed night midnight deadline) as per here...
     - Thursday night only games to be tipped before Wed midnight
     - All other games revert to a Thurs midnight tipping deadline.
3) If implemented, the blog won't be updated Thurs (with Thurs night game detail) AND Fri (with rest of weekend detail)... only a once off update on the Friday.
This means Thurs nights game tips will need to be tweeted.

Let me know if this is preferred.

OK... back to the weekend at hand.
And as always - CHECK YOUR NUMBERS against what is below for errors.

Div 1.

Div 2.

Interesting strategies here with Supermercado going for 8's and Andrew Gigacz looking at 4's to get the wins.

Overall - Rich 17 / Carl 5,      Syd 21 / Coll 1,      Freo 22 / Suns 0,
     Melb 1 / WCE 21,     WB 4 / NM 18

League Cup.

St Kilda9St Kilda2
Port Adelaide15Port Adelaide19

24 MAR:
All match-ups this week count for something as Div 2 comes on stream for their first dig.

This weeks D1 match-ups are
Four undefeated teams battle it out this weekend where;
    - the FMI takes on the Boot (in the battle of the #BackToSuburbanFooty Day organisers game), and 
    - an all Collingwood love-in between SidebySide and Amul.

And in D2, it is the cross-pool games.
Interesting matchups here include;
    - Kev, with a practice match result of 5-0 tackles another winner in J_F and,
    - Tips Guru against another practice match winner in Gigs.

Margins and winners on these games please.
Richmond - Carlton
SMFC/Sydney - Collingwood
Fremantle - Gold Coast
Melbourne - West Coast
FFC/W Bulldogs - North Melbourne

This weeks tipping deadline is MIDNIGHT Wednesday night 26th of March... blame the AFL for another Thurs night footy game!

League Cup action kicks off in Round 2, so we need EXTRA TIPS this week from @MattSlutzkin and @LaurenceRosen on these games.
St Kilda - GWS
Port Adelaide - Adelaide
Brisbane Lions - Geelong

I'm feeling generous - you have until MIDNIGHT Thursday night 27th of March.

And a reminder... all games are chosen randomly. No preferences are given!

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