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3. Back To The Beginning

 7 APR:
An other interesting week that sees all players now officially score in competition, though some remain without a win.

As to the 'what to do in event of two players picking the same margin' issue, there are 2 schools of thought.
1) Give the first to tip the option to change. They have some advantage in this system, as there has been a show. But it is reward for tipping early.
2) Alter, by default, the second tippers margin to 1 point toward the away team. A small penalty to the second tipper, and no advantage of knowing the opponents tip. Second tipper will not be notified until blog data comes out (after deadline), and retains the right to change tip until deadline.

My preference is 2) ... happy to hear yours.

League Cup:
Lucas took an early 1-0 lead, then finished off the tie by picking up 2 bouns points in the last two games for the easy win. Lucas now goes on  the round of 16, and will play SgtButane in Round 14.
Carlo's League Cup finishes early.
R3 LucasGarth 5

R 14 SgtButane
Carlo_Monty_AFL 0


Div 1 Action:
Not as high scoring as last week, but none the less all games were still live going into the last game. And they finished...
3.1 MarkDuffett 3 - 2 SidebySide
3.2 TheHolyBoot 1 - 2 Coldogs
3.3 DavPope 3 - 1 Footy_Maths
3.4 Clinton_V8 1 - 4 A_OKeefe
3.5 Amul82 0 - 3 Wal13Freo

Mark came from behind to win over John (SidebySide), helped along by his bonus point tipping on the GWS/Melb margin.
After the first two games were scoreless, Col scored on the next two, meaning John (Boot) needed to be very accurate with his Essendon tip. The miss there finished the match in Col's favour.
Andrew and Clinton matchup was tied after 3 games, but Andrew powered away (including a bonus point) to win.
Wal picked up all the points from the last 3 games to win over Emile, after the first two were not tipped right at all.
In the grudge match that began this whole competition, Dave's (yet to be confirmed*) human brain won well over the machine at the Institute, though it was all tied up after 3 games.
   *We suspect some form of cyber-assistance was needed to defeat us.

Div 2 Action:
Also not so high scoring, and one game decided early. A few others needed trick combinations to secure draws as well.
2.1 J_Foreigner 2 - 2 SgtButane
2.2 AndrewGigacz 2 - 4 Kevs_View
2.3 MattSlutzkin 4 - 1 TheTipsGuru
2.4 Ethan_Meldrum 5 - 1 Carlo_Monty_AFL
2.5 SJHRoss 2 - 2 LaurenceRosen
2.6 Supermercado99 2 - 3 LucasGarth

Jonny will be disappointed after letting a 2-0 lead slip for a draw against the Sarge.
Kev can thank scoring an exact result for helping him win against Gigs (who also only scored with a bonus).
Matt had his game won before the round ended, and an exact pushed the result away from the Guru (who broke his scoring duck).
Carlo also broke his scoring duck, but still went down to Ethan, who logged another exact for Div 2.
A see-sawing tussle saw Sean tie with Laurence, though Sean went so close to a bonus point that would have broken the game open.
Lucas topped off his League Cup 5-0 whitewash with a 3-2 win over Adam (Supermercado). Another game decided by bonus points (to Lucas).

Exact Margins [The 'Plugger' Locket]:
No Div 1 player yet to score an exact tip yet - its all Div 2 traffic so far.

Bonus Points [Title TBD] :
Worth noting, you get a point in this tally if you get in the bonus window even if you don't win

Footy_Maths remains as leader despite the loss to his arch nemesis Dave, and we now see everyone in this Division having registered one win from the first 3 games. The Division remains draw-less.
A couple of familiar names lurk in 3rd and 4th...

Over in the Division 2 pools, there remain 5 teams without a win, and a corresponding number without a loss.
Matt and Ethan in the Jako pool are the divisions top score-ers, while the Sarge tops the Jacko pool with 2 draws.

 4 APR:
All this weeks tips and match-ups are in.

But before that - a proposal on tipping, after an interesting week!

With 22 players, the chances for two players tipping the same team AND same margin have more than doubled. And this week there were SO MANY cases of that happening.
I have tried to sort this by contacting the second combatant to tip to see if they will adjust that tip (and it is entirely voluntary). Most times they do, so problem over.
But in cases where they have not, I have contacted the first combatant to tip to see if they will adjust their tip.

All of this has made the last few days ...interesting... to say the least.

So, in order to make this process as simple as possible, I will apply a NEW RULE from next week.
When such a clash occurs, the second combatant to DM/email tips WILL BE required to amend their tips.
As mentioned by SgtButane, simply by moving the tip 1 point closer to the away team.

This not only takes away the potential for a clash, but also encourages everyone to tip early!!
The only side issue is when the margins tipped are the same as against me... and right now I have no solution to that puzzle.

OK back to the business of tipping- here are the tables!
And as always - CHECK YOUR NUMBERS against what is below for errors.

Div 1

Div 2

Split out as:    Bulldogs 0 / Tigers 22,    Crows 12 / Swans 10,     Eagles 22 / Saints 0,
    Giants 17 / Demons 5, and    Bombers 19 / Blues 3.
Above chart is everyone's margin tips per game.
Right side of the chart = right hand team in the legend.

League Cup.

Hawthorn 37 Hawthorn 20
Geelong -12 Collingwood 1
North Melbourne 4 Port Adelaide -4

31 MAR:
Support for the single blog post overnight, so it stays!

Here are the important games for AFL Round 3....

In Div 1:
Key match-up this week is the top of the table clash between the oldest rivals here - The FMI (1st) take on DavPope (3rd).
This whole concept kicked off because Dave wanted his mansized brain to take down our super-computer in tipping... and here we are, once again! Mano a Máquina.

Also needing wins are MarkDuffett (10th, taking on SidebySide in 5th) and A_OKeefe (9th taking on Clinton_V8 in 7th).

And in D2, the cross-pool games continue.
 All the teams in the right hand column need to win this week, after their pool could only muster a draw from 5 outings.

Margins and winners on these games please.
FFC/W Bulldogs - Richmond
Adelaide - SMFC/Sydney
West Coast - St Kilda
GWS - Melbourne
Essendon - Carlton

Second game of League Cup action, so we need EXTRA TIPS this week from:
@LucasGarth and @Carlo_Monty_AFL on....
Hawthorn - Fremantle
Collingwood - Geelong
North Melbourne - Port Adelaide

This weeks tipping deadline is MIDNIGHT Thursday night 3rd of April.

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