Monday, 7 April 2014

4. An Interesting Choice

13 APR:
Results in, and even with the DavPope / Clinton_V8 game reduced to 'best of three' due to two games picked the same, it still ended in with a result!

League Cup:
This match-up finished early (on Sat night) as below:
R4 Ethan_Meldrum 2

R 17 AndrewGigacz
Footy_Maths 0


Ethan now moves into the round of 16 to meet Andrew in round 17. The host bows out in the preliminary rounds.

Div 1 Action:
Some low scoring games this week, and also a whitewash.
4.1 Wal13Freo 5 - 0 MarkDuffett
4.2 A_OKeefe 0 - 3 Amul82
4.3 DavPope 1 - 2 Clinton_V8
4.4 Footy_Maths 1 - 3 Coldogs
4.5 SidebySide 2 - 2 TheHolyBoot

Wal scored a 5-0 victory without any bonuses, prompting rumours of an Isotopes coach sacking. This is the second year running that their coach has been under pressure, with system reviews put in place mid season.
All other match-ups also ended with a clear result, other than the battle of the Johns, which finished 2-2.

Div 2 Action:
More draws and another whitewash in this section.
3.1 SgtButane 2 - 1 AndrewGigacz
3.2 Kevs_View 0 - 3 MattSlutzkin
3.3 TheTipsGuru 4 - 0 Ethan_Meldrum
3.4 Carlo_Monty_AFL 2 - 2 SJHRoss
3.5 LaurenceRosen 0 - 5 Supermercado99
3.6 LucasGarth 2 - 2 J_Foreigner

Supermercado scores another 5-0 win without any bonus points, and there were 2-2 draws for Lucas and Jonny, as well as Carlo and Sean.
TipsGuru, SgtButane and Supermercado all score their first wins, leaving only Laurence and Carlo without a 4 pointer.

Exact Margins [The 'Plugger' Locket] and Bonus Points [Title TBD] :
No one scored any this week, and given the state of the round, it is expected.

The competition changes quickly in the FMI Tipping League. Last weeks D1 leader now sits 5th, and opening round leader is in 8th.
Last years Grand Finalists are - strangely? - back in 1st and 2nd.

As before, only 2 teams are without a win, while Matt is flying at the minute, undefeated, top scorer, and with s score difference of +11.

11 APR:
The tips are in, and so too the ruling on 'same margin tips'.
The majority of players are in support of not changing any tips and playing on regardless... typified by this...
So with that, here are the calls by you, the players.

Div 1:

In playing the 'no amendments' rule we have two match-ups affected, the A_OK vs Amul game and the DavP vs Clin game. The latter has TWO directly matched legs, meaning it is effectively as 'best-of-three' contest!

Div 2:
 No problems here, but a few very close tipped margins, including the unusual Saints/Crows match for SgtB (2) and Andr (1)! Andrew's only chance to win is if he is exactly correct!

AS ALWAYS... please check the above against your own DMs in case I have missed something.

The distribution of the tips looks like the 'Tipping DNA' chart here.

League Cup:
In League Cup action this week -

Collingwood -10 Collingwood -2
Carlton 28 Carlton 57
Geelong 44 Geelong 36

Good tipping and good luck!

7 APR:
Still taking advice on this... hopefully to have a solution by Thursday.

"As to the 'what to do in event of two players picking the same margin' issue, there are 2 schools of thought.

1) Give the first to tip the option to change. They have some advantage in this system, as there has been a show. But it is reward for tipping early.

2) Alter, by default, the second tippers margin to 1 point toward the away team. A small penalty to the second tipper, and no advantage of knowing the opponents tip. Second tipper will not be notified until blog data comes out (after deadline), and retains the right to change tip until deadline.

My preference is 2) ... happy to hear yours."

Good tipping to you all.

Here are the Div 1 games...
4.1 Wal13Freo
4.2 A_OKeefe
4.3 DavPope
4.4 Footy_Maths
4.5 SidebySide

Highlights this week - 5th v 6th when A_Okeefe takes on Amul82, and 1st v 3rd with Footy_Maths meets Coldogs.

In Div 2 - cross-pool games continue.
3.1 SgtButane
3.2 Kevs_View
3.3 TheTipsGuru
3.4 Carlo_Monty_AFL
3.5 LaurenceRosen
3.6 LucasGarth

Match of the round here is Kevs_view v MattSlutzkin (2nd vs 1st).

The random selector has brought up these games for this week... interesting!
Port Adelaide - Brisbane Lions
GWS - FFC/W Bulldogs
Gold Coast - Hawthorn
SMFC/Sydney - North Melbourne
St Kilda - Adelaide

This weeks League Cup showdown is between the in-form @Ethan_Meldrum and @Footy_Maths.
Extra tips on these games please Ethan!
Richmond - Collingwood
Carlton - Melbourne
Geelong - West Coast

This weeks tipping deadline is MIDNIGHT Thursday night 10th of April.

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