Tuesday, 22 April 2014

6. Anzac and Re-Match

27 APR:
This weeks numbers are in...

League Cup:
As before - no Cup action this week with the withdrawal of SidebySide, So Emile moves through to the Round of 16.
R6 (-) W

R 13 Amul82
Amul82 O


Div 1 Action:
The race for the Percy Jones Cup heats up!
6.1 Footy_Maths 4 - 0 (-)
6.2 Wal13Freo 2 - 1 Coldogs
6.3 A_OKeefe 1 - 3 TheHolyBoot
6.4 DavPope 0 - 4 MarkDuffett
6.5 Clinton_V8 2 - 1 Amul82

A strong win to Mark puts paid to earlier discontent, and John also wins well over Andrew.
In the 2013 Grand Final Rematch, Wal takes revenge and defeats Col in a real tussle.

Div 2 Action:
Second last week of cross-pool actions results.
5.1 SgtButane 1 - 1 Ethan_Meldrum
5.2 Kevs_View 0 - 2 SJHRoss
5.3 TheTipsGuru 0 - 2 Supermercado99
5.4 Carlo_Monty_AFL 2 - 0 J_Foreigner
5.5 LaurenceRosen 0 - 3 AndrewGigacz
5.6 LucasGarth 1 - 2 MattSlutzkin

Matt continues his winning streak, now 5 on the run, and no losses, no draws.
'Two - Nil' the popular scoreline here as Carlo, Adam and Sean all win by that margin.

Bonus Window [Title TBD]:
No exact tips, but  few more bonus window tips by these players...

Now, here is what you all want to see...

Div 1 is an odd beast this week. With the free weekend affecting teams, we now have 6 teams on 4 wins / 2 losses. Five of them earn a win by playing the bye, and it is only ladder leader Wal who has 4 genuine wins over opponents
Wal also gets the walkover win next week!

Over in Div 2, the tables are even odder, all because it is cross pool weeks.
The Jackson pool is lead by the Sarge with 1 win and 3 losses, while the Jako pool is lead by Matt who is 5-0. It also had Andrew at the bottom with 2 wins... more wins than the other pools leader.
Laurence still the only player to crack a win.

25 APR:
All the tips are locked in...

Div 1
 * Amended as DavPope found errors in my entry.

Div 2

Only 1 game tipped the same (Carlo and Jonny with 31 points for Freo).
Only 1 tipper went for Brisbane, Footy_Maths (such is the nature of relying on technology... I'm prepared to call it 'inspired' when they pull off the upset).

AS ALWAYS... please check the above against your own DMs in case I have missed something.

Cant say we have ever seen a cluster of similar tips as we have in the green.
Everyone is on Fremantle, and everyone wants between 45 and 18.
Where as Port and Geelong is split 10-11 in the Cats favour.

Good luck!

22 APR:
But before the matchups and games, its time to go public with planning... for A Major Proposal by (@Amul82) Emile!!!  An event for FMITL players everywhere!

Details are still to be sorted, but the idea is to choose a day/night of
an upcoming weekend where there are 2 or 3 AFL games played
simultaneously, and these are chosen as FMITL tipped games.
Players are then encouraged to meet at a venue local to yourselves
to watch and live-tweet the competition as it plays out.

Melbourne has the most players concentrated, so it will host the event,
but others can still join in via twitter!

We hope to get at least 4 or 5 people together in Melbourne for this, and -being ethical as we are- will look for a suitable non-pokies (non-Crown) venue with a few screens to host it.
We also have to find the right time - hopefully when there is the most games on AT THE SAME TIME in one weekend.

Look forward to your suggestions for particular days/nights and/or venues.

In Div 1...
6.1 Footy_Maths
6.2 Wal13Freo
6.3 A_OKeefe
6.4 DavPope
6.5 Clinton_V8

Grand Final re-maths weekend, with Wal and Col head to head for the first time this year, is this weeks standout game.

Div 2 continues the cross-pool games (2nd last weekend for these games).
5.1 SgtButane
5.2 Kevs_View
5.3 TheTipsGuru
5.4 Carlo_Monty_AFL
5.5 LaurenceRosen
5.6 LucasGarth

Yet AGAIN, Matt takes on the leader of the other pool, this time Lucas. Can he maintain his perfect winning record?
Also, its 6th vs 6th as Laurence looks for his first win against Andrew.

And the random selections for the Anzac weekend round are...
Collingwood - Essendon
St Kilda - Brisbane Lions
Fremantle - North Melbourne
Carlton - West Coast
Port Adelaide - Geelong
All the Anzac Day games, and one from Saturday and one from Sunday.

This week there is no knockout cup match, as it was the weekend where SidebySide was to play.
So its a walk over win to Emile, who progresses to the Round of 16 to meet Mark.
R6 (-) W

R 13 Amul82
Amul82 O


This weeks tipping deadline is MIDNIGHT Thursday night 24th of April.
Hopefully I can get the blog updated before 1st bounce on Friday!

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