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7. Super SaturdaySunday

4 MAY:
The results are in for both days.

All the regular season games played on the one SuperSaturday yielded these results.

Div 1 Action:
A few close ones here...
7.1 Amul82 1 - 3 Footy_Maths
7.2 MarkDuffett 3 - 2 Clinton_V8
7.3 TheHolyBoot 4 - 1 DavPope
7.4 Coldogs 2 - 1 A_OKeefe
7.5 (-) 0 - 5 Wal13Freo

Wal with the walkover win means he was never going to be shifted from top.
Mark can thank scoring a bonus point for his win over Dave.

Div 2 Action:
Big scorelines and draws are the highlight here...
6.1 SJHRoss 5 - 1 SgtButane
6.2 Supermercado99 7 - 0 Kevs_View
6.3 J_Foreigner 2 - 2 TheTipsGuru
6.4 AndrewGigacz 3 - 1 Carlo_Monty_AFL
6.5 MattSlutzkin 2 - 2 LaurenceRosen
6.6 Ethan_Meldrum 2 - 2 LucasGarth

Adam scores 3 bonus window tips to win with the seasons highest score of 7-0.
Sean also collected 2 bonus tips to also romp home 5-1.
Three other 2-2 draws round out the match-ups of note

Bonus Window [Title TBD]:
No exact tips, but  few more bonus window tips by these players...

Starting to get interesting now, in both divisions.
Dave and Andrew now slipping from the top 5... a full 2 games (or more) out. Will need to get some solid tipping in over the next few weeks.
And worth noting, the new scoring system may or may not be responsible for the so-far-single-drawn-game-season we have in this group.

The number of draws in these pools counters the idea that the new scoring system has produced more finite results.
The Div 2 pools are still a bit lop-sided. If you move the best from the Jacko pool into the Jako pool, they would sit 7th.
Matt and Sean are the only undefeated teams left in both divisions, after Matt drew for the first time this year.
Laurence remains the only player to not win all season.

League Cup:
A super Sunday of League cup games finished with thge elimination of TheTipsGuru and Andrew progressing through.

R 18 SJHRoss
R7 TheTipsGuru 1

A_Okeefe 2

Andrew will now play Sean in the last of the Round of 16 games.

And with the next 3 weeks rounds as all 6 games/week, the League Cup takes a break.
The next matchup is in round 11 (29 May - 1 June), where John -TheHolyBoot- will meet Dave -DavPope.

The Div 1 Championship Belt:
As is becoming common, why not apply it here - a 'belt' title. Applied only to Div 1 at this stage (as all teams play each other home and away), the logic is simple. It is first awarded to the sole undefeated team, then passes to who ever beats the belt holder.
Applying it to 2013 though to now, the holders have been:

All of which means next week, the FMI puts the belt on the line when they take on Wal, who is the only player yet to hold the title.

2 MAY:
OK folks - Super Saturday/Sunday is here!
The "FMITL Live Event" wont happen just yet (because I was out of touch with the internet for 4 days as I stepped back to the 70's with a new employer), but the weekend will play on as always.
We will find another weekend and roll on with a live event after the bye weekends are done with.

Div 1:
Boot and Dave are playing a 4-gamer as they both went for Essendon by 17.,
Wal has the walkover win, and also the highest margin tip of the year to date: Sydney by 112 over Brisbane.

Div 2:
 Another 4 game matchup here with Adam (Supermercado) and Kev going the 30 point win by Adelaide over Melbourne.

AS ALWAYS... please check the above against your own DMs in case I have missed something.

Tipping DNA:
The tipping DNA chart is as here, and shows almost 4 of the 5 games are one sided affairs

All the bets are on Hawthorn (by between 12 and 96), and Port Adelaide (by between 92 and 8), and Adelaide (by between 19 and 74).
Outliers are the sole tip for Brisbane [thanks Kev!], and 4 tips for the Bulldogs

All of which means this week is a real margin-focussed event.
Hope you can hang about on twitter for some near margin fun!

League Cup:
After last weeks walkover, the Cup returns for 1 more game before the bye-week break. This week its between:

And the tips entered are interesting:
North Melbourne 23 Gold Coast -18
Geelong 21 Geelong 38
Fremantle -6 Fremantle -25

The last two legs are where the margin will determine the winner.

Good tipping and good luck!

27 APR:
As tweeted on 27 Apr, the weekends games to be tipped, randomly drawn as always are

 so extracting out the lowest numbered match-ups, the games to tip are:

Hawthorn - St Kilda
GWS - Port Adelaide
Adelaide - Melbourne
Essendon - FFC/W Bulldogs
Brisbane Lions - SMFC/Sydney

This makes it a SUPER SATURDAY of action with all 5 regular League games played on the same day - which I think will be a first for the competition.

ALSO... Let me know if you are in for the Live event this weekend - I would like to confirm numbers and lock in a venue.

This weekends match-ups are;
Div 1.
Match-up of the week must be 2nd v 4th - Amul82 v Footy_Maths. Likely one could drop from the top 5 after this week.

Div 2.
Last of the cross pool games this week.
6.1 SJHRoss
6.2 Supermercado99
6.3 J_Foreigner
6.4 AndrewGigacz
6.5 MattSlutzkin
6.6 Ethan_Meldrum
After winning five straight, Matt takes on win-less Laurence - whatever will the outcome be?
Other match-ups to watch would be Adam (Supermercado99) vs Kev (3rd v 4th) and Ethan and Lucas (4th vs 2nd)

Looking again at the table tweeted, the next 3 lowest numbers were all on Sunday, so we also have a 'Super League Cup Sunday'.
This week, the knockout action is between
R7 TheTipsGuru

Tips on these games this week, please...
North Melbourne - Gold Coast
Geelong - Richmond
West Coast - Fremantle

With all the games being tipped as either Saturday or Sunday, this weeks tipping deadline is MIDNIGHT FRIDAY night 2nd of May.

Good Luck and Good Tipping.

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