Monday, 19 May 2014

10. Bye Bye Byes

26 MAY:
Its been a weekend for big scores!
If you didn't score 4 or more, you were no chance.

Div 1:
The first week of the return fixtures for this division, and
10.1 Footy_Maths 4 - 2 A_OKeefe
10.2 Wal13Freo 2 - 4 DavPope
10.3 (-) 0 - 5 Clinton_V8
10.4 Coldogs 5 - 2 Amul82
10.5 TheHolyBoot 1 - 6 MarkDuffett
Mark the big winner of the week, scoring heavily including 2 bonuses. Col also with 2 bonuses to finish of Emile nicely.

The Belt:
Dave scores a 4-2 win to wrench the belt from Wal. Its the 3rd time for Dave, making him equal 4th with Mark for weeks held.
Dave now is to defend that belt against Andrew.

Div 2:
A few more dominating wins, and a lot more closer games here... including another draw by the DrawKing.
9.1 LucasGarth 4 - 3 Carlo_Monty_AFL
9.2 Kevs_View 4 - 1 TheTipsGuru
9.3 SgtButane 4 - 5 LaurenceRosen
9.4 SJHRoss 1 - 6 MattSlutzkin
9.5 J_Foreigner 4 - 4 AndrewGigacz
9.6 Supermercado99 2 - 3 Ethan_Meldrum

What a result in the 4-4 draw! Andrew scores a regulatioon tip and an exact, but can only draw with Jonny who gets two bonus points. Unlucky for both players not to win that one.

Bonus Window [Silver Squeegee]:
Quite a raft of bonus windows this week. Not all successful in yeilding points though. Still this about recognising the close margin tipping achieved, so well done!
Of note, Mark, Col, Laurence, and Jonny all scored twice in the window.

Exact Margins ['Plugger' Locket]:
Andrew and Matt collect the only exact tips this weekend... well done Gigz and Matt!

The leader for the last few weeks has been joined at the top by the FMI, with only a score difference of 1 separating them.
The rest of the top 5 is filled by three teams only 1 game behind - a tight race at the top.
We see proven once again that with an easy-beat team in the competition that a 50/50 win/loss record is not good enough. In this example, Dave and Emile have 5 wins, 5 losses and sit 7th and 8th.
Finally, for Andrew, the maths is getting harder and harder for him to a) make the finals as he is 4 games out and b) avoid relegation, needing 3 wins .

Over in Div 2, there are a few leaders emerging... with Lucas in the Jacko pool now a game and a half clear, and the unstoppable Matt in the Jako pool.
The DrawKing sits last with 1 win and 5 draws - a bit stiff!

23 MAY:
We have our tips entered and matched up.

Div 1.
Wal defends his belt this weekend, and the opening game of the weekend could be the decider as both players tipped opposite teams.

Div 2.
In Div 2, there are two match-ups where 4 legs of the weekend are the deciders, as players picked the same margins.

AS ALWAYS... please check the above against your own DM's in case I have missed something.

Tipping DNA:
Everyone loved the Pies by 15 or more...
And all other games are tipped as near certainties too. 1 for the Dogs, 3 for the Roos, 4 for the Hawks (!!!) and 5 for the Giants.

League Cup:
No play this week.

19 MAY:
Amendments to the D2 matchups for J_Foreigner, AndrewGigacz, Supermercado99, Ethan_Meldrum, Kevs_View, LaurenceRosen, SgtButane, and TheTipsGuru.
Error spotted by Jonny... thanks Mate!

Another hip-hey-and-hooray week of tipping to come. Get thinking about these apples.

Geelong - North Melbourne
GWS - Richmond
Collingwood - West Coast
Port Adelaide - Hawthorn
Gold Coast - FFC/W Bulldogs

Match-ups - Div 1:
In Div 1 the tables at left are how you stand having played everyone once... now come the return legs.
10.1 Footy_Maths
10.2 Wal13Freo
10.3 (-)
10.4 Coldogs
10.5 TheHolyBoot

Three of these games feature top 3 teams against bottom 3 teams, and only Col v Emile (4 v 6) looks a tasty match. Both have the same MAPE rate, both are the divisions worst tippers for correct tips and bonuses.

Match-ups - Div 2:
9.1 LucasGarth
9.2 Kevs_View
9.3 SgtButane
9.4 SJHRoss
9.5 J_Foreigner
9.6 Supermercado99

In the top three games, the big match-up is the Sarge against Laurence. @nd vs 3rd and both need to win to keep in touch with top placed Lucas, and a loss could see them slip out of the playoff spots.

In the bottom three, we have Matt in 1st taking on 3rd places Sean as the immediate highlight, but perhaps more important is the 5th v 6th battle between Andrew and Jonny. A loss here could end the season for one team!

League Cup:
Still on break - but get ready for Round 11 action.

This weeks deadline THURSDAY 22nd May at MIDNIGHT.
Tips in or get a ZERO!

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