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11. #StopTheMadness

2 JUN:
We all went so big on the Hawks / GWS margin, and so close on the Sydney / Geelong margin.
And those games and the results... oh how we laughed!!!

Div 1:
Massive turn around in the Dave / AOK game this weekend. Andrew skipped away to a nice 0-3 lead, but with Dave scoring an exact on the Freo margin, and a point on the last with North, he stormed home to record the win.
And at least Andrew tipped something right over the weekend.

The Belt:
This match was also the belt match, and it slipped through Andrew's fingers. Tough luck Andrew.
Dave holds it for the second week and he moves into 3rd as a 4-time holder. Next weeks defence is against his arch nemesis, the FMI!

11.1 DavPope 4 - 3 A_OKeefe
11.2 TheHolyBoot 4 - 1 Footy_Maths
11.3 MarkDuffett 1 - 4 Coldogs
11.4 Amul82 6 - 0 (-)
11.5 Clinton_V8 2 - 3 Wal13Freo

Otherwise, the Boot scored points in the last 4 games to defeat the FMI, Col also 4 closer tips to go 4-1 over Mark, and Wal scored in the first 3 games to all but secure his match early.

Div 2:
Big news from this division is the first loss to the previously undefeated Matt!
Adam (Supermercado99) of the Banner headline quote
" ...this competition has finally killed my interest in Supercoach, and that's not a bad thing...."
...picked up Matt's scalp, and pegs back his lead.
10.1 Carlo_Monty_AFL 3 - 2 SgtButane
10.2 LaurenceRosen 2 - 4 TheTipsGuru
10.3 LucasGarth 3 - 4 Kevs_View
10.4 MattSlutzkin 2 - 4 Supermercado99
10.5 Ethan_Meldrum 5 - 3 AndrewGigacz
10.6 SJHRoss 2 - 3 J_Foreigner

In other games, Lucas got an exact, but it wasnt enough for the win, Carlo and the Sarge traded points all weekend, the bonus to the Guru eased him ahead of Laurence, and Ethan scored in 4 of the five games to win over Gigz.

Bonus Window [Silver Squeegee]:
Four (regular season) bonus points achieved this week...

Exact Margins ['Plugger' Locket]:
And a big week for exacts, as two players picked up perfect margin tips.

Wal skips away to another game break on top of the table, while the logjam continues with only one and a half games separating 2nd from 8th.
Also, does that loss for Andrew now onsign him to the wooden spoon? He now sits 3 games clear at the bottom, with 7 games to play.
Rumours of a board spill in the AOK ranks are yet to be confirmed.

Both pool leaders lost this week, bringing them back slightly to the chasing pack.
The DrawKing wins one to climb off the bottom of the Jako pool.
Also... , and the FMI Tipping League Investigative unit will need to look into the systems algorithms and audit the results for Andrew Gigacz. He sits last in his pool, yet has the best MAPE and most correctly tipped teams in all of Div 2.

A report of findings will follow.

League Cup:Return of League Cup action this week, and the late finish in Perth was the last leg of that contest.
The results are...
R 11 TheHolyBoot 2
DavPope 1

Dave picked up an early lead from tipping closer on Essendon, then Boot score a bonus window tip on Adelaide to go 2-1 up. Both tipped West Coast meaning no points from the last game, so it finishes 2-1 to the Boot.
He now moves up as out first confirmed quarter finalist - to play the winner of Round 15's match-up of Wal13Freo and Supermercado99.
Round of 16

Quarter Finals
R 15 Wal13Freo


R 22 TBA
R 11 TheHolyBoot 2

DavPope 1

29 MAY:
We end Autumn with this round and these tips.

League Cup:
Because it returns this weekend - its top of the list:

Essendon 14 Essendon 19
Adelaide 34 Gold Coast -13
West Coast 1 West Coast 3

Over to regular season play...

Div 1:
Its all about the margins this week (bey FMI and Boot who have tipped the Swans/Cats game differently)

Div 2:
Same here, your margins count for wins... only 2 differently tipped games here. Matt and Adam went different on Swans Cats, and Kev and Lucas went different on Dogs/Dockers.

Same tipped margins exist for Gigz and Ethan.

AS ALWAYS... please check the above against your own DM's in case I have missed something.

Tipping DNA:
Quite a skewed set of data this week.
Two outliers going for Geelong, and the sole entry for the Bulldogs is Kev.
The chart above gives us a median line of Syd by 15, Pies by 43, Port by 42, Freo by 28 and Hawks by 90!

26 MAY:
OK folks another round to play, and unfortunately another early game to pick.
When will these silly Thursday night starts end!?!

This weeks games to choose from are...
SMFC/Sydney - Geelong
St Kilda - Collingwood
Melbourne - Port Adelaide
FFC/W Bulldogs - Fremantle
Hawthorn - GWS

So with tipping Sydney v Geelong, we need a slightly early deadline please!
And we are also playing 5 games spread over 4 days - madness I tells ya!

Matchups - Div 1:
11.1 DavPope
11.2 TheHolyBoot
11.3 MarkDuffett
11.4 Amul82
11.5 Clinton_V8
Games to Watch: there are three rippers because they all involve teams scrapping for the top 5
- Wal in 1st vs Clinton in 3rd.     [last time they met: 2-3 Clinton]
- Boot v FMI (5th v 2nd)      [5-0 FMI]
- Mark v Col (6th v 4th)     [4-2 Col]

The last listed there is even better as both Mark and Col scored twice in the window last week.

Matchups - Div 2:
10.1 Carlo_Monty_AFL
10.2 LaurenceRosen
10.3 LucasGarth
10.4 MattSlutzkin
10.5 Ethan_Meldrum
10.6 SJHRoss
Best of this group looks to be Matt v Adam. Both holding down 1st and 2nd spots in the Jako pool, and if anyone else is to have a crack at the pool minor premiership, its time to act now.

League Cup:
Its back! And into the Round of 16 Action we go... 
Playing this week:
R 11 TheHolyBoot

Extra tips on these games please!
Essendon - Richmond
Adelaide - Gold Coast
West Coast - North Melbourne

Owing to the Thursday night match being drawn, this weeks deadline is
Tips in or get a ZERO!

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