Tuesday, 13 May 2014

9. Monday, Thursday - Quick Turnaround

18 MAY:
The results are here, and possibly should have been blogged yesterday...

Div 1...
A fee big scores and big margins here...
9.1 (-) 0 - 2 DavPope
9.2 Wal13Freo 5 - 3 A_OKeefe
9.3 MarkDuffett 1 - 3 Footy_Maths
9.4 TheHolyBoot 0 - 3 Amul82
9.5 Coldogs 1 - 2 Clinton_V8

Wal got to an early lead and was able to maintain it to retain the belt.
In the battle of the computers, the recent good form of Mark was not enough for the FMI.
Match of the round (3 v 5) was a non-event as Boot failed to score and Emile triumphed.

Div 2...
Lower scoring and tighter games in this section...
8.1 TheTipsGuru 4 - 1 Carlo_Monty_AFL
8.2 LucasGarth 2 - 1 SgtButane
8.3 Kevs_View 1 - 2 LaurenceRosen
8.4 AndrewGigacz 2 - 2 MattSlutzkin
8.5 SJHRoss 1 - 2 Supermercado99
8.6 J_Foreigner 1 - 2 Ethan_Meldrum

Another draw for Andrew, who has a great MAPE (really close on margin tipping), but has not forced that advantage into solid wins. Matt scores another draw to remain undefeated.
Match of the round (2 v 3) sees 3rd place Adam win over Sean... and gain on the table?

Bonus Window Title:
Announcement - Finally the title for this competition has dawned on me. I was recalling my days to a colleague about my first job (way back in 1989!!!) when it hit me of an encounter with a footballer.
At that time I was beavering away writing a report when none other than Terry Daniher should appear in my window... as he was the contracted window washer.

Of course!!
The Daniher Brothers Bonus Window Silver Squeegee

will be awarded to the player who scores the most bonus points (irrespective of winning the match-up) at seasons end.
This week, points go too the WA double...

Exact Margins [The 'Plugger' Locket]:
And it has been a while, but we decorate another player with an exact tip this week!

A big week for Wal (the above, and the [real] Pavmantle's 300th game etc)!

The stuff that really counts....
Wal a game clear in 1st, Emile's win not enough yet to have him climb into the top 5.
Still... oddly, only 1 draw all season!

Second and third swap in the Jako pool, but both are 6 points adrift of the powerhouse Matt.
Over in the Jacko pool, the same margin gaps Lucas (and his computer tips) from the rest, including the Sarge, who also tips by maths... go figure.

The Div 1 Championship Belt:
Wal retails the belt, and will defend it next week against Dave.

15 MAY:
Thursday night footy screws with the cosmic order - ban it now.
All the match-ups.
Div 1:

Div 2:

AS ALWAYS... please check the above against your own DM's in case I have missed something.

Tipping DNA:
Really interesting the Freo-Cats tipping - second closest series of selections all year. And given that, it is also interesting that there are no same margins selected above.

League Cup:
No play this week.

13 MAY:
All the tips for this week on these games please.
Adelaide - Collingwood
Essendon - SMFC/Sydney
Richmond - Melbourne
North Melbourne - Brisbane Lions
Fremantle - Geelong

Matchups- Div 1:
9.1 (-)
9.2 Wal13Freo
9.3 MarkDuffett
9.4 TheHolyBoot
9.5 Coldogs
3rd v 5th (Boot v Emile) and 4th v 6th (Col v Clinton) key match ups, I thinkl!

Matchups- Div 2:
8.1 TheTipsGuru
8.2 LucasGarth
8.3 Kevs_View
8.4 AndrewGigacz
8.5 SJHRoss
8.6 J_Foreigner
Top three listed games 3 v 4, 1 v 2 and 5 v 6 from the Jacko pool - all critical games.
Sean and Adam (2 v 3) and Jonny and Ethan (5 v 6) important here to gain ground. Everyone else reliant on Gigz stopping Matt streaking further ahead.

League Cup:
Two more rounds without Cup love - see you in Round 11.

Blame the AFL.
This weeks deadline THURSDAY 15th May at 2PM (yes just after lunch and 5 hrs before bounce... I'm being helpful, the AFL are not!).

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