Monday, 2 June 2014

12. Getting Tough Now

10 JUN:
Only time for a quick update here...

League Cup:
First to finish this week, and it is also the first time a Cup tie has had to be determined by League Cup Rule 3.4.1 (which references rule 4.2.1... "The player with the overall (nett) closest margin totaled from the 5 games will be declared as the winner of the finals match-up."
The match-up finished with the DrawKing doing it again...
R 12 Kevs_View 1
J_Foreigner 1

Applying the nett closest margin rule, the match-up finishes as
R 18 SJHRoss


R 20 TBA
R 12 Kevs_View 1 77
J_Foreigner 1 62

So as Jonny was closer on all the margins across the three games, he progresses to the Quarter Finals to meet the Winner of Sean vs Andrew.

Div 1:
Only our second draw for the season in Division 1... and extraordinary run of results this year.
12.1 (-) 0 - 6 MarkDuffett
12.2 Coldogs 3 - 3 TheHolyBoot
12.3 Footy_Maths 1 - 4 DavPope
12.4 A_OKeefe 1 - 5 Clinton_V8
12.5 Wal13Freo 1 - 4 Amul82

Solid wins to Clinton and Emile as well.

The Belt:
Dave defends and retains the belt with a 4-1 win over the FMI, and in the personal man vs machine head to head conflict, he wins BOTH his matches against our computer.

Div 2:
The DrawKing does it again!
11.1 LaurenceRosen 3 - 2 LucasGarth
11.2 SgtButane 5 - 1 TheTipsGuru
11.3 Carlo_Monty_AFL 3 - 3 Kevs_View
11.4 Ethan_Meldrum 6 - 0 SJHRoss
11.5 Supermercado99 1 - 6 AndrewGigacz
11.6 MattSlutzkin 3 - 3 J_Foreigner

Ethan does a number on Sean (when he doesnt need it given the ongoing Richmond debacle), and Gigz and the Sarge also score heavy wins.

Bonus Window [Silver Squeegee]:
No exacts this week, but the below all picked into the window (with Gigz scoring TWICE).

Wal still leads with a half-game break.
And there is still a chance for anyone from 2nd to 8th to make the top 5 and finals.
For Andrew though, it looks more and more like the season is over. Four games behind and only 6 to play.

Over in Div. 2, there are still many open for finals spots.

Only 5 games left here, and all finals places are open. Not even Matt is secure at this stage.


6 JUN:
And all the tips are in and locked away. Its a very biased set of numbers too.

Div 1:
All the tipping one way, but for Andrew and Wal who have gone for the Gold Coast.
Interesting tip in this set also i both Emile and Wal going for the +90 mark for Port.

Div 2:
In this set of tips, The Guru chooses Carlton, and both he and Kev go for the Suns... interesting.

Tipping DNA:
This where we see the bias in the tips... only 1 for Carlton, 4 for the Suns, and heavily weighted tips for all games. 

League Cup:Action this week via

and they have tipped as below.
FFC/W Bulldogs 15 FFC/W Bulldogs 14
Fremantle 20 Fremantle 7
Richmond -6 North Melbourne 21

2 JUN:
Another hastily written bit (all of 16 mins)...
This weeks games are...
Geelong - Carlton
Hawthorn - West Coast
Port Adelaide - St Kilda
Gold Coast - SMFC/Sydney
Melbourne - Collingwood

So good to be back to a Friday start!!

Div 1 Head to Heads:


Key matches [and when last they met]...
Its 3rd v 4th with the Boot against Col [Boot 1-2 Col]
Arch rival and co-founders of this whole shebang... man vs the machine [Dave 3-1 FMI]
Fighting for a finals berth... [Clinton 1-4 AOK and Emile 0-3 Wal]

Div 2 Head to Heads:
Last round of the first pass at meeting each other head to head... from next week its all return legs.


Top of the table clash as Laurence takes on Lucas.
For Kev and Carlo, a loss means last place.
Ethan battles Sean and the winner stays in the top 4.. the loser could slip out.

League Cup:
We have our first quarter finalist known, and this week we find another... when these two battle it out.
R 12 Kevs_View

Extra tips on these games from you boys please!
FFC/W Bulldogs - Brisbane Lions
Fremantle - Adelaide
North Melbourne - Richmond

Tips in by THURSDAY 5th June MIDNIGHT please (i.e. After the Footy Show etc)

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