Tuesday, 10 June 2014

13. Closing In

15 JUN:
A huge weekend with upsets all over the place... did effect scoring in the FMITL.

League Cup:
Mark scored in the first two legs, and with GWS getting over Brisbane, Emile had no chance to score.
R 13 Amul82 0
MarkDuffett 2

This puts Mark through to the quarter finals, and his opponent will be uncovered next week!
R 14 SgtButane


R 21 TBA

R 13 Amul82 0

MarkDuffett 2

Div 1:
Low scoring for some as the favourites went down. Emile though still able to pile on the points, with 2 bonus window efforts.
13.1 MarkDuffett 1 - 3 Wal13Freo
13.2 Amul82 5 - 1 A_OKeefe
13.3 Clinton_V8 1 - 2 DavPope
13.4 Coldogs 2 - 1 Footy_Maths
13.5 TheHolyBoot 2 - 0 (-)

The Belt:
Dave defends his belt against Clinton, and now joins Col as equal joint leader with 6 weeks (total) ownership.
Next week, Dave defends against Emile.

Div 2:
Low scoring again, but still some great tipping to sweep some match-ups
12.1 SgtButane 1 - 2 Kevs_View
12.2 LucasGarth 2 - 3 TheTipsGuru
12.3 LaurenceRosen 2 - 1 Carlo_Monty_AFL
12.4 Supermercado99 3 - 0 J_Foreigner
12.5 SJHRoss 0 - 3 AndrewGigacz
12.6 Ethan_Meldrum 1 - 1 MattSlutzkin

The DrawKing fails to score, as does Sean who lost last week by plenty to nil too.

Bonus Window (Silver Squeegee):
No exacts this week.
Special mention to Emile... scoring twice!

Two familiar names again at the top of the tree in the first division.
 ...and it is again very likely the organiser of the competition (and the all powerful Atari) may miss the finals!
Also, still a chance for 8th to get into the five... only 3 games out.

***Calling it.
Its season over for Andrew... 5 games outside the finals 5 games to play. Mathematically possible, but very unlikely.

Over in Div 2...
A win to Laurence sends him top, this means Lucas' long reign is broken.
Sarge and Carlo still able to get into the 4, with 4 games to play, and only 1 game out.

In the Jako pool, Matt holds the lead, but his draw moves the pack closer again...
Also, as per the Jacko pool, its only a game difference for Jonny to get into the finals.

(PS... suspending reality on the S.D. of course).

13 JUN:
OK... late but here we go... the new format of tips has included a 'line' where it shows the over/under point in your head-to-heads.
A whole number is where you will share the points, a half number is a one way or the other line. No number means you have tipped different teams.

If you don't like it, I can pull it.

Otherwise, below is all data, no commentary, because we were late.

Div 1:

Div 2:

Tipping DNA:

League Cup:
This week its all on ...

Tips here...
Hawthorn -76 Hawthorn -34
West Coast 65 West Coast 22
Brisbane Lions 89 Brisbane Lions 29

10 JUN:
We are getting closer to the end of regular season play.
This weeks games are...
SMFC/Sydney - Port Adelaide
Adelaide - North Melbourne
Geelong - St Kilda
Collingwood - FFC/W Bulldogs
Essendon - Melbourne

Div 1 games:
13.1 MarkDuffett
13.2 Amul82
13.3 Clinton_V8
13.4 Coldogs
13.5 TheHolyBoot
Dave defends the belt against Clinton, and the Boot gets a week to score without the worry of a loss.

Div 2 Games:
12.1 SgtButane
12.2 LucasGarth
12.3 LaurenceRosen
12.4 Supermercado99
12.5 SJHRoss
12.6 Ethan_Meldrum
Its international derby week as (co-incidentally) both Laurence and Carlo will be tipping from different parts of the world, reliant on the internet to help them.
Its also 1st vs 2nd when Ethan attempts to take more points of Matt.

League Cup:
This week we need extra tips from...
R 13 Amul82

Games to be tipped are...
Carlton - Hawthorn
West Coast - Gold Coast
Brisbane Lions - GWS

Tips in by THURSDAY 12th June MIDNIGHT please (i.e. After the Footy Show etc).

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