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15. Pointy End

29 JUN:
OK, so all the results are in, and discussions had.
First off, lets address the issue of very late tipping.

League Cup:
We received some good advice about how to proceed, including some advice from the direct competitor Wal and also Mark who suffered last year. Both suggested the late tips be allowed to stand.

That said, the rules are the rules and you are all responsible for what you ingest or are injected with.... sorry, wrong topic. Ahem... You are all responsible for looking at what is needed to be tipped and meeting the deadline.
So, as per 2013, Rule 1.3.1. is enforced and Adam cops a blank in the League Cup.

What makes this weeks League Cup tie even more interesting is that IF Carlton had have won, both players would have scored 0... which would have evoked the 'overall nearest the pin rule'. But given one player was blanked, how would that have been determined? It is a scenario we have yet to contemplate.

So we therefore complete this weeks Cup tie with a 1-0 result.
R 15 Wal13Freo 1
Supermercado99 0

The next Quarter Final is also now known. Al al div 1 tie on Round 22.
R 15 Wal13Freo 1

Supermercado99 0

R 22 Wal13Freo
R 11 TheHolyBoot 2

DavPope 1

Over to regular season play...
Div 1 (Percy Jones Cup):
Three is the magic number, except for the odd 5.
15.1 (-) 0 - 5 Footy_Maths
15.2 Coldogs 3 - 1 Wal13Freo
15.3 TheHolyBoot 5 - 0 A_OKeefe
15.4 MarkDuffett 3 - 1 DavPope
15.5 Amul82 3 - 3 Clinton_V8

Col wins the second 2013 final rematch to leave the head to head this year as 1 win each.
The Boot continues Andrew's poor 2014, and Emile and Clinton's draw makes it hard for both to get a finals spot.

The Belt:
Dave coughs up the Belt to Mark, and does so as the player who has held it the most times (7).

Div 2 (Geoff Bleythn Plate):
Say it aint so! (or even Say no go... to keep on theme)
The King (of his pool) is dead! Long live the King. Matt has been dethroned by Sean in a stunning 1-5 match.
14.1 Carlo_Monty_AFL 2 - 2 LucasGarth
14.2 TheTipsGuru 0 - 4 Kevs_View
14.3 LaurenceRosen 1 - 4 SgtButane
14.4 MattSlutzkin 1 - 5 SJHRoss
14.5 AndrewGigacz 3 - 3 J_Foreigner
14.6 Ethan_Meldrum 3 - 1 Supermercado99

The DrawKing is back with Jonny working his special magic to conjure up another 'D'. In doing so, his season is (all but) done, not able to make a finals spot without two wins and heavy scoring.

In the other pool, the loss to the Guru also has him needing 2 wins and results going his way in other games to make the finals... difficult now!

Silver Squeegee:
Another exact-less week, but extra points toward the Squeegee to...

With Sean's 'Rossmond' scoring TWICE!!

New leader in D1!!
Col's win over Wal also sees him back in prime position for the Minor Premiership stakes.

The finals spots are still up for grabs right down to 8th, but Clinton has three games to make up the game and a half difference.

Over in D2, the Jako pool has a new leader, while the Jacko pool seens Kev extend his lead at the top.
Only two more games to finish off your regular season!
As before, Jonny cant get to the finals without really heavy scoring and 2 wins with other games going his way.
Same too for the TipsGuru, down a game and a half.

27 JUN:
Very late this week - sorry!

League Cup:
OK, so here is something.
As the rules say, if you don't tip before deadline, you don't get points. Also, an unwritten rule is that I DM everyone reminders to tip.
This week, I forgot to DM a reminder to the League Cup players to tip extra. As you all know, I only realized to complete the blog post once the Friday night game started. This is when I also noted Supermercado99 had not submitted League Cup tips.
   [He has since tipped Port by 16 and Collingwood by 54]

Now, in the short history of the Cup, this has not happened before. That said, we did have a regular season non-tip last year (round 13), where, after much deliberation among the FMITL community, the decision was to enforce rule 1.3.1.
   [This was a slightly different case as Mark did not submit tips before the deadline and was not contactable for the weekend. Here Adam has been able to send on the remaining 2 games tips.]

So, with that precedent, again we should enforce rule 1.3.1 and 'blank' Adam in the League Cup, as per below.
Essendon -3

Port Adelaide -21

Collingwood 26

Additionally, consideration will be given to the wishes of the FMITL community, and particular weight will be afforded to any commentary by Wal.
You are welcome to offer advice or opinion... it is your competition as much as mine.

All the below (hopefully) corrected.
Div 1:

Belt match - Mark vs Dave... margins on 4 games and a different tip in the last - interesting.

Div 2:

Tipping DNA:

24 JUN:
This week - round 15 already (what will I do with myself once FMI Tipping League winds up) - we have these fabulous games to chose from...
Hawthorn - Gold Coast
St Kilda - Richmond
Fremantle - West Coast
Brisbane Lions - North Melbourne
FFC/W Bulldogs - Melbourne

To the match-ups!
Div 1:
**Top Of The Table Match KLAXON**
Yes we have a season defining game this week - Col v Wal [last time: Wal 2-1].
Win this and the minor premiership is all but locked away... kinda.

Also interesting - Clinton v Emile. Both outside the top 5, and both must win to keep finals chances alive [last: Clinton 2-1].

[Last time for others: Boot 3-1, Mark 4-0]

Div 2:

Difficult to individualise any games here as they are all critical to securing the top 4 spots.
Prime is the need for Jonny to win over Gigz - a loss will all but end his run.

When last they met
Lucas 4-3
Kev 4-1
Laurence 5-4
Matt 6-1
Jonny/Gigz 4-4
Ethan 3-2

League Cup:
Extra tips from ...
R 15 Wal13Freo

on these games please!
Geelong - Essendon
Adelaide - Port Adelaide
Collingwood - Carlton

Tips in by THURSDAY 26th June MIDNIGHT please (i.e. After the Footy Show etc).

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