Monday, 30 June 2014


We commented back a few weeks that we were surprised that Gigz  (@AndrewGigacz) was not winning more games while having the FMITL's best MAPE score and an outstanding 'tipped correct' score.
At that time we suggested an audit was needed to confirm this, and this has now been completed.

Much like the Brownlow, we have employed the auditors of KPMG Beak Smalldick to check and recheck the season to date.

And the findings are that indeed Gigz has brilliant records in those other two side competitions, but he has been very unlucky when it comes to winning head-to-head games in his pool for the Blethyn Plate competition.

Accordingly, all competition points and tables stand as true and correct.

With 2 weeks for Div 2 players left, we can only wish you good tipping!

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