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16: Three / Two To Go

8 JUL:
And that's the weekend done,and the tables are interesting. Only 1 more regular season week for 12 teams, who then get a Round 18 bye before finals.
The nine in Div 1 have 2 weeks of season left.

League Cup:
The Round of 16 continued and a new Quarter finalist is now known
R 16 LaurenceRosen 1
Clinton_V8 3

A solid 1 all game after the opening 2 legs was decided by Clinton scoring in the bonus window. In fact, Laurence was also in the window, but 1 point higher than Clinton.

Clinton now meets next weeks winner in the Quarters...
R 17 AndrewGigacz


R 19 TBA

R 16 LaurenceRosen 1

Clinton_V8 3

Over to regular season play...
Div 1 (Percy Jones Cup):
Andrew the unlucky one (again) as he saw an exact result slide away as Richmond kicked a few lazy junk-time behinds.
16.1 Footy_Maths 1 - 3 Amul82
16.2 Clinton_V8 2 - 2 MarkDuffett
16.3 DavPope 4 - 0 TheHolyBoot
16.4 A_OKeefe 2 - 3 Coldogs
16.5 Wal13Freo 4 - 0 (-)

The Belt also is retained by Mark in his drawn game with Clinton.

Div 2 (Geoff Bleythn Plate):The results for Carlo and the Guru mean with one week to play they still have an outside finals chance.
Sean does too, but needs a 15 point turnaround to head Adam.
15.1 SgtButane 2 - 2 Carlo_Monty_AFL
15.2 TheTipsGuru 2 - 1 LaurenceRosen
15.3 Kevs_View 5 - 3 LucasGarth
15.4 Supermercado99 3 - 1 MattSlutzkin
15.5 AndrewGigacz 3 - 2 Ethan_Meldrum
15.6 J_Foreigner 5 - 1 SJHRoss

The Belts in these pools remain with Kev and Gigz as they won again

Silver Squeegee:
Yet another exact-less week, but extra points toward the Squeegee to...


Special commendation to Jonny scoring two bonuses this week.

Col holds top spot!

Emile's win lifts him from 7th into 4th, and knocks direct opponent FMI down to 7th.
Dave also moves from 5th to 3rd.
With two games to go, Clinton needs to win both to get a finals spot, and hope results go his way in other matches.

In the D2 pools, with one week to play we can confirm...
- Jonny is out of finals contention, and most likely to drop to Div 3 next year, and 
- Sean needs a miracle result on the last week of play. Also,
- Kev stitches up the Jacko Pool Minor Premiership.

After much thought, and with only 2 games left in D2, I have decided to create belts for both pools of D2.
These retrospectively came into effect after round 8 (after all the cross pool games were complete), and were only awarded when one team became undefeated inside its own pool*.

The table below charts progression in each pool.
Div 2 Belts Jacko Pool 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

n/a n/a n/a
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Jako Pool 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

n/a n/a MATT
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

In the Jako pool (lower half of the chart), the current holder is Gigz, and this week he defends the Belt against Ethan.
Matt was the first holder of the belt, after remaining undefeated through rounds 8 to 10 along with Adam (Supermercado99). Adam lost in round 10 to Ethan leaving Matt as the only undefeated player from that pool.

In the Jako pool (upper half of the chart), the current holder is Kev, and this week he defends the Belt against Lucas.
The * mark above is a notation that we made a special ruling to sort out the belt ownership in this pool.
We awarded the first Belt in this pool to Kev after both Lucas and Laurence went through rounds 8 to 10 undefeated. But in round 11, both players lost, leaving the true ownership of the Belt in dispute. To settle this dilemma, we elected to award TheTipsGuru the belt first as he scored the same score in defeating Laurence , but TheTipsGuru had a greater wining margin than Kev did over Lucas.

4 JUL:
All the tips are in and locked!

League Cup:

This weeks teams...

And tips...
Gold Coast 16 Gold Coast 20
St Kilda -9 Carlton 30
SMFC/Sydney -31 SMFC/Sydney -30

In regular season play, its all about margin tipps almost 100% across the board.

Div 1:

Belt Match: Clinton taking on holder Mark.

Div 2:

Tipping DNA:

Another ward in the pipeline courtesy of @Carlo_Monty_AFL... being worked on now for release after the weekend.
"The Scarf!!!"

30 JUN:
Reaching the finish for both leagues, with only TWO weekends o f regular play for the D2 teams, and three for the D1 teams.

Picking this week from...
Richmond - Brisbane Lions
GWS - Adelaide
Port Adelaide - Essendon
Melbourne - Fremantle
Geelong - FFC/W Bulldogs

Matchups are as...

Div 1:

Wal has the walkover, so Col needs to win over Andrew to maintain top spot [Previous Col 2-1].
The other three games are all important in filling out the rest of the five!
 - Mark and Clinton in the Belt Game - a loss could be the end for either side [Mark 3-2]
 - Dave and Boot - must win for both to hold a finals spot [Boot 4-1]
 - FMI and Emile - A win for FMI keeps him in the finals, A win for Emile imperative to maintain a finals tilt [FMI 3-1].

Div 2:

Second last round, and its all important to bank a win.
Jacko Pool:
 - For Carlo, its win or miss the finals, and the Sarge needs a win to hold his spot too [Previous: Carlo 3-2]
 - The Guru has a very slim chance to make a finals spot, so needs a win and Laurence needs a win for a finals berth [Guru 4-2].
 - Kev and Lucas look to fight for top spot, but a loss for Lucas could see him in finals peril. [Kev 4-3]

Jako Pool:
 - While Matt is all by assured a finals spot, Adam needs this win to maintain his chances [Adam 4-2].
 - Another game where Gigz needs to win to stay in contentions, whil for Ethan its about cementing top spot as he almost cant miss finals now [Ethan 5-3].
 - Hail Mary time for Jonny - two big wins and results his way are the only way to survive. For Sean its a must win to make the finals game [Jonny 3-2].

PS... dont forget you lower table players - you need to keep winning to keep inside your own divisions for next year!! Don't give up now!

League Cup:
Extra tips in please from these teams...
R 16 LaurenceRosen

and these are your selected three games to tip.
Gold Coast - Collingwood
Carlton - St Kilda
West Coast - SMFC/Sydney

Deadline:Tips in by THURSDAY 3rd July MIDNIGHT please (i.e. After the Footy Show etc).

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