Tuesday, 29 July 2014

19. Finals Time!

3 AUG:
OK, the first week of the serious stuff is over... So working backwards through the weekend.

[As yet Un-Named] League Cup - Quarter Final 1:
The first Quarter Final has been run and won...
R 19 AndrewGigacz 1
Clinton_V8 2

Clinton assures himself of a Semi Final, where he will take on the winner of next weeks game...
R 20 SJHRoss

Division 1 - Percy Jones Cup:
Wal sat by awaiting the winner of the Qualifying Final, and hoping it wasnt his arch rival from 2013 Col...
Qual DavPope 2 - 1 Coldogs
... Dave does the job and moves through to the 1st Semi Final - for a crack at the Grand Final.

Col uses his double chance and drops into the 2nd Semi Final to meet he winner of the Elimination Final...
Elim Amul82 1 - 2 TheHolyBoot
John defeats Emile and progresses, while Emile takes solace in 5th. A big return for a player who finished 8th in 2013.

Division 2 - Geoff Blethyn Plate:
Over in the Mark Jackson Pool, Kev and the Sarge were up for direct entry to the Grand Final... and progressing was...
A Qual Kevs_View 1 - 3 SgtButane
... The Sarge scores a nice win, gets the week off and direct entry to the Final.

Kev with the double chance meets the winner of the Elimination Final...
A Elim LucasGarth 2 - 2 LaurenceRosen
...errm a draw! So using the tiebreaker rule (rule 4.2 et al), we see the nett margin difference as:
      Lucas 164 def Laurence 173
So close!!!
That sees Laurence bow out, while Lucas plays Kev next week.

And in the Allen Jackson Pool, Ethan and Matt were also fighting for a Grand Final spot...
B Qual Ethan_Meldrum 0 - 4 MattSlutzkin
A big win for Matt, and Ethan misses that chance.

Ethan now plays the Elimination Final winner...
B Elim AndrewGigacz 2 - 2 Supermercado99
...errm another draw! Another tiebreaker (rule 4.2 et al), where the nett margin difference as:
      Andrew 148 def Adam 193

The end of the road for Fisted FC. and Gigz plays Ethan next week!

Peter Landy 'Each Of Two' Repechage Lighting Premiership
The standings are in the top left side bar and below.
We have two players that have skipped away on 5 points (who, not surprising are the Squeegee points-getters below) and another three players with 4 points chasing.

1 J_Foreigner 5 33.6
2 MarkDuffett 5 34.2
3 SJHRoss 4 26.6
4 SmokieDawson * 4 30.0
5 LunchBunchAFL * 4 35.8
6 Ichymochek * 3 21.2
7 A_OKeefe 3 25.6
8 Footy_Maths 3 29.8
9 Carlo_Monty_AFL 3 37.8
10 TheTipsGuru 3 39.0
11 Clinton_V8 2 44.2
12 Go_Saintz3 * 2 50.6

Silver Squeegees:
Again no exacts, but more silver squeegee points to...

31 JUL:
All tips lodged, finals about to get underway tonight with a Fremantle / Carlton clash.

Listed below are all the tips... if your name and choices are grey shaded, then you are part of the Peter Landy 'Each of two' Repechage Lighting Premiership.

[As yet Un-Named] League Cup - Quarter Final 1:
These are the selections for the all important 1st Quarter final:
Melbourne 1 Brisbane Lions -10
Hawthorn 41 Hawthorn 55
Collingwood 1 Port Adelaide -20

Nice variation in tips - guaranteed to produce a result!

Division 1 - Percy Jones Cup:

Wal gets the week off, while Dave and Col go head to head to met him next week.
Amul and the Boot are playing to survive ...and that last game might be the decider.

Division 2 - Geoff Blethyn Plate:

In this division, the two finals that are elimination finals are green shaded, while the grand final entry matches are white.

Peter Landy 'Each Of Two' Repechage Lighting Premiership
Joining the repechage series are four new guest players, listed with twitter handles at the foot of the table at right.

The * at the end indicates they are our new guests test running the tipping competition before probable entry to the 2015 season.

As before, this is a non-head-to-head competiton, with best tipper winning the title. Premiership determined by correct tips (+1 point), bonuses if margin fits normal rules (+1 or +2 as normal), and overall distance of margin from actual.

Silverware time!
Good luck one and all!

29 JUL:
OK... really at the pointy end now.

Before detailing all the finals - let me remind all players. I still want your tips even if not in finals of lightning premiership, as they all contribute to the side competitions.

Now over to the finals...

League Cup - Quarter Final 1:
This week it is -

And you need to tip winners and margins on.
Melbourne - Brisbane Lions
Hawthorn - FFC/W Bulldogs
Collingwood - Port Adelaide

Over to the other Finals...

Division 1 - Percy Jones Cup:
The four to play today in a final 5 set-up are - 
Elim Amul82
Qual DavPope
Cut-throat stuff for Amul and Boot. A loss and its goodbye.
Dave and Col have a double chance but would prefer to go through the easy way, I'm sure.
Past matches:
Amul 3-0 and 2-3 Boot
Dave 4-1 and 2-1 Col

Division 2 - Geoff Blethyn Plate:
We have two pools so twice the finals fun (but in a final 4 system)...
Pool A (Jackson):
A Elim LucasGarth
A Qual Kevs_View
The two L's are win or your out of the band match, while for Kev or the Sarge, a spot in the Grand Final awaits.
Past matches:
Lucas 3-1 and 2-3 Laurence
Kev 2-5 and 2-1 Sarge

Pool B (Jakovich):
B Elim AndrewGigacz
B Qual Ethan_Meldrum
Cup Quarter Finalist Gigz is also in the knockout finals match against Adam. The late season run of form from Ethan sees him play-off for a Grand Final berth against early season pacesetter Matt.
Past matches:
Gigz 3-1 and 6-1 Super
Ethan 2-4 and 1-1 Matt

This weeks games:
Fremantle - Carlton
SMFC/Sydney - Essendon
Adelaide - West Coast
North Melbourne - Geelong
Gold Coast - St Kilda

For weekend footy starting Thursday, 31 July (6:10 pm) - 

Yes that's right, an extended deadline (should be Wed midnight) because SO MUCH RIDING ON THESE GAMES!!!

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