Monday, 4 August 2014

20. Pressure Acts

10 AUG:
What a finals series we are having!
First to the Cup

[As Yet Un-Named] League Cup - Quarter Final 2:
Sean turned in a belter to secure a Semi final and guarantees best 4 spot. He tipped the exact on the Hawks result, prompting Jonny to tweet...

Sean then powered home to the competitions biggest win by scoring 1 in the next leg and a bonus in the last.
R 20 SJHRoss 6
J_Foreigner 0

Sean now plays the winner Clinton for a Cup Final berth.
R 20 SJHRoss 6

J_Foreigner 0

R 23 SJHRoss


R 19 AndrewGigacz 1

Clinton_V8 2

Speaking of spots in the Grand final...

Division 2 - Geoff Blethyn Plate:
Preliminary finals have been run and won.
Jackson Pool
A Prlm Kevs_View 1 - 4 LucasGarth
Kev falls at the last hurdle, and was eliminated after 4 legs, with the last  leg a dead rubber.
So Lucas is in for the Pool Grand final next week against Sgt Butane.

Next week:
A Gr F SgtButane

Jakovich Pool
B Prlm Ethan_Meldrum 2 - 1 AndrewGigacz
The tightest final in Div 2 was snared by Ethan. A Grand final showdown against Matt awaits.

Next week:
B Gr F MattSlutzkin

Division 1 - Percy Jones Cup:
Now over in the Cup, we had two Semi finals... The first was to determine the first spot in the Grand final.
SF 1 Wal13Freo 4 - 0 DavPope
And Wal walked it in with a solid display. A week of and a Grand final berth his prize.
Dave now gets a second attempt at the Grand final as he plays next week in the Prelim.

The other Semi final was a cut-throat elimination affair... winner into the Prelim, and loser is out.
SF 2 Coldogs 2 - 2 TheHolyBoot
And this battle ended up 2-2, meaning we run to cumulative points from actual margin.
And by this method we find the result as:
   Col   267-252   Boot 

John continues his giant killing run from 5th, and now plays Dave in the Prelim.
For Col, its a title defence well conducted, but ultimately ended early.

We will have a new Percy Cup winner in 2014.

Cumulative points breakdown:
     Boot:   56 + 46 + 20 + 87 + 43 
     Col:   36 + 37 + 65 + 85 + 44

That one game where Col was 65 points out (Blues v Suns) the key difference.

Next week:
Prlm DavPope

Peter Landy 'Each Of Two' Repechage Lighting Premiership
Sean takes the lead after scoring 4 this week, and joining him are Mark and Jonny, last weeks leaders.
Go_Saintz3 was the weeks biggest winner with 5 points collected.

1 SJHRoss 8 38.1
2 MarkDuffett 8 40.8
3 J_Foreigner 8 42.3
4 A_OKeefe 7 34.7
5 Footy_Maths 7 35.0
6 SmokieDawson * 7 44.3
7 Go_Saintz3 * 7 50.8
8 Ichymochek * 6 38.6
9 Clinton_V8 6 44.6
10 LunchBunchAFL * 6 44.7
11 TheTipsGuru 6 47.8
12 Carlo_Monty_AFL 6 48.8

No exact tippers OR bonus point tippers (of the full season players) this week.
A genuine first!

8 AUG:
All the tips are in...

[As Yet Un-Named] League Cup - Quarter Final 2:
Important set of tips. Both players not in regualr season finals, so a silverware chance rests onm these numbers.
Hawthorn 50 Hawthorn 63
SMFC/Sydney -30 SMFC/Sydney -21
FFC/W Bulldogs -20 FFC/W Bulldogs -1

For the regular season tips, if your name and choices are grey shaded, then you are part of the Peter Landy 'Each of two' Repechage Lighting Premiership.

Division 1 - Percy Jones Cup:
For Wal and Dave, a spot in the Grand Final hinges on the margins alone as both players tipped the same winners. Interestingly, Dave is under no all tips... Will we have a close round of footy?

The Boot has been struck down with flu, but has still been able to muster his charges for another do-or-die finals match, and with one tip different to Col (and two very close), this looks a treat of a matchup.

Division 2 - Geoff Blethyn Plate:

The Sarge and Matt both tipped but sit out real action as they are waiting for next weeks Pool Grand finals. Playing then next week will be either..

Kev or Lucas who go head to head for that last spot, with two different winners tipped, and
Ethan or Gigz, again both good tippers all year, and only one key difference.
Margins as always critical in FMITL.

Peter Landy 'Each Of Two' Repechage Lighting Premiership
All the grey shaded tips above and the four guest players below have tipped for the Lightning Premiership.

Tipping DNA

4 AUG:
Finals bring the pressure... who brings that action?

Everyone tips on these games this week.
Richmond - Essendon
GWS - North Melbourne
Carlton - Gold Coast
Brisbane Lions - Adelaide
West Coast - Collingwood

Division 1 - Percy Jones Cup:
The Semi Finals to be played this week:
SF 1 Wal13Freo
SF 2 Coldogs

Wal and Dave have the chance to progress straight to the Grand Final, and Col meets Boot to stay alive.
Past Matches:
Wal 3-2 and 2-4 Dave
Col 2-1 and 3-3 Boot

Division 2 - Geoff Blethyn Plate:
Preliminary Finals in the pools this weekend...
Pool A (Jackson):
A Prlm Kevs_View
Kev and Lucas battle to reach the pool final against the Sarge.
Past Matches:
Kev 4-3 and 5-3 Lucas

Pool B (Jakovich):
B Prlm Ethan_Meldrum
Matt will meet the winner of Ethan and Gigz
Past Matches:
Ethan 5-3 and 2-3 Gigz

Peter Landy 'Each Of Two' Repechage Lighting Premiership
Still chances to make up ground or stretch you lead - tip the 5 games above!

[As Yet Un-Named] League Cup - Quarter Final 2:
This Quarter Final is between

Pick these teams and margins please
Hawthorn - Melbourne
Port Adelaide - SMFC/Sydney
St Kilda - FFC/W Bulldogs

This weekends tips in by MIDNIGHT Thursday 7 August (after Footy Show etc...
you know the drill...)

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