Wednesday, 9 March 2016

2016 START

Mar 14:

What a start to the year by 4 of our new 7 players.
Game results:
1(+) Fremantle - Geelong (-)8371Fremant12
2(+) Hawthorn - North Melbourne (-)12580Hawthor45
3(+) Brisbane Lions - GWS (-)83122GWS-39
4(+) Melbourne - St Kilda (-)10783Melbour24
5(+) West Coast - Essendon (-)15853West Co105

Score by the players were:
Looking at each game:
Pokemon gets 2 for inside the bonus window in game 1, but FMI gets 3 sets of 1 point for correct and nearer pin on 3 of the other 4 games. Top effort PH78 getting the bonus!
Lucrious and Sirocco finish 2 all after both scored by being nearer the pin in 4 matchups. Yes, draws are allowed.
NABFW also scores a bonus on game 1. NABFW and Stoat then score single points by being nearer the pin from the next 4 games.
Both 4boat and HiR got an exact on the Melbourne score so get 3 points (one for correct tip + bonus point for being inside the bonus window + another bonus for being exactly right). Extraordinary! The remainder of the games all went to HiR by being nearer the pin.

Trust all the above is easy to follow.
If not, just let me know and I will walk you through it.

Some perspective on 'exacts' and 'bonuses'.
Players tip 115 games in regular play, and the return on bonuses is at best between 10 to 12 . That's just under 10% return at best. Or getting one game within the 7 point spread every two weeks.
Exacts are harder to come by, with most players not registering any. 4 in a season is our clubhouse leader after 3 years. 

Well done to NABFW, 4boat, HiR and Pokemon on hitting a great season start.

Now, it all starts in earnest on the 24th Mar. Get your heads in the right space!!

Mar 11:

Our practice gamers have all their tips locked in than the match-ups are as follows;
HawthorNorth M-324-17-1423-8-2112
MelbourSt Kild-2-15143472424
West CoEssendo45676562566455120

So, for an example on play, lets assume Fremantle win by 16 points.
Pleyers revieve a point if you tipped the right team and were closest. A bonus point is awarded if you were in the margin window of 13 to 19 points, and the closest.

So for our players tips, it would be 
  - HiReception, Lucrious and NABFW to get a point (correct and nearest the pin)
  - PokemonHunter gets 2 points for being inside the bonus points window.
  - No points awarded to 4boat, FMI or Sirocco as they were too far from the actual margin. 

So hopefully that's easy to understand... let me know if not.

Also... the deadline to acknowledge re-entry to the FMITL competition has expired. I have no message from @Go_Saintz3, so is considered "in recess" for 2016.

Full divisional structures for the year will be issued soon.

Mar 9:

The new season is almost on us, and before starting we have a few new players to welcome.
Joining us in 2016 are seven new players, and they are:

Follow them on twitter if you like.

So far confirmed as leaving us is .

Which is not good news at all.

BarassiLine, known as Dave in that alternate social sphere called 'real life', was the first to challenge the FMI computers in tipping games and margins. The initiator and prime agitant for this competition leaves us after three solid years, and a competition now numbering over 40. A long way from a 1 on 1 challenge.

As a means to thank Dave, I have decided to name the FMICL Knockout Cup after him, so from this season it becomes the

So with 7 new players, we have a current Div 4 list of 13, which is inconvenient.
If @Go_Saintz3 does not respond, we move to a 12 team Div 4. If he is back, then I have a few options.

  1. to make a 14 team division, or
  2. to push for more and become 16 teams in a 2 x 8 team division split, or
  3. move two more up from Div 4 to Div 3 and have both as 12 team divs,

All will need to be done F A S T, as the real season approaches.

Anyway... will confirm all movements in Divisions before the week is out and after the deadline set to @Go_Saintz3.

But for now, we need to get games into these new kids, so you new players (ONLY) get to do a practice game in the NAB Challenge games as listed below.
1(+) Fremantle- Geelong(-)
2(+) Hawthorn- North Melbourne(-)
3(+) Brisbane Lions- GWS(-)
4(+) Melbourne- St Kilda(-)
5(+) West Coast- Essendon(-)

Tipping rules are very simple
- If you think Fremantle will win by 20 points, enter 20 in the space provided (see the link below as the tip entry portal).
- If you think Geelong will win by 32 points, enter -32 in the space provided.
Easy as.

Just have to do that for all five games (each week), and then sit back and watch footy.
You will learn of your opponents tips so you can ride home the result, or alternatively wallow in the loss.

As per the rules, nearest the pin wins, bonus points for accuracy etc...
Have at it!!

Click this link to open the tip entry page.

(PS - enter tips when you want, try NOT to change your mind, but if you need to use the link again and re-enter. I will use the most recently entered tips as your confirmed number.)

All tips, results and tables get reported in the one blog post (just like this one), and you will get tweet advice of updates etc.

For fun and games, your practice head to heads are:
(yes you have me as an opponent for just this one practice game... hahaha)

Get your tips in before Friday lunchtime Eastern (this week).

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