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Mar 1:

OK time for a final update to the 2017 season detail before we kick off with a practice run for new comers.

Firstly, after issuing this blog calling for nominations for 2017, all bar 3 of last years players responded in the affirmative before the deadline. Those three were listed below, and with acceptances now closed, I can confirm AFLTheory is out for 2017.
This created a spot available in Division 3, which is now filled by Lucrious. His move up means last years late entrant CapperTowers moves to Division 4.

And we also have had a further 12 entrants for 2017, boosting overall numbers to 52.
The full playing roster is as below, listed alphabetically per division.

I am sure you will all welcome the new 12, and to all players I recommend you follow each other on twitter and play along in the spirit intended - competitive, and yet fun.  

@Sirocco1971🆕@plusSixOneBlogIN RECESS

So playing out the season we will have 4 divisions playing 18 rounds of head to heads before the finals in rounds 19-22. Each team gets an even number of virtual home and away ties.
For Div 5, you will have a very AFL-like unbalanced fixture of 18 rounds where some players are played only once.

The fixture list will be released soon.

Again for new players, its worth a run through of the About page as well. 

Your required commitment is to 
  1. Receive a weekly tweet with the rounds blog post.
  2. Read the post, click the link to the google form
  3. On the form, enter your tweet handle or something similar, then margin tips for the 5 selected games (positive for home, negative for away) .. then click 'submit'.
  4. Receive a blog update via tweet revealing your tips and those of your opponents (and everyone else's).
  5. Watch the footy with added interest knowing the result of the game influences your FMITL match-up.
  6. Receive a blog update via tweet revealing the FMITL match-up outcomes and league ladder.
A very basic commitment, and hopefully a fun one once you get the hang of it.

ALSO - there is a knockout side competition, the BarassiLine Cup , where 3 of the un-selected games from 9 game rounds are used.
This will need to be a straight up knockout via a draw of all players into this type of bracket.
The BarassiLine Cup is named after the twitter account that started this whole concept back in 2012.

The commitment to this is as per above, just tipping a different 3 games margins, and not every round.
And of course, its a win and progress / lose and your out type affair.

Newcomers and old hands - if this is too much of a commitment I would rather you drop out now than mid year. I can at least make some easy adjustments to the schedule.

Newcomers, you will also get a practice / explanatory round in the last week of the Pre-season competition. Games to pic will be issued by a blog post soon.

Feb 17:

Time for an update.

In moving from 2016 to 2017, I have received 40 confirmed players re-entering the comp from the total 2016 pool of 43. Wonderful stuff team - love your work.

There are three cases where a player is currently not playing in 2017.
  1. During 2016, player StoatFooty ceased tipping and tweeting. I tried to make contact but to no avail, so that player was placed 'in recess' and out of competition. If you know of Stoat, or how to contact, please do. Hope he is well.
  2. In the changeover to 2017 and as part of the survey, player MattSlutzkin declined to continue. He has lots of exciting things on this year that will take up his time and he considers it best to step away for a season or too. Thanks MattS, good luck in your ventures and you will be welcomed back another year.
  3. I have no contact from player AFLTheory, which also seems to be a deleted account. His (?) blog also has been inactive for a while. I will place this team into recess if there is no contact before the Mar 1 deadline.

So with all the promotions and relegations listed below, and the above first two players dropping out, there needs to be changes to the Divisions.

Promotions and relegations were scheduled as below:
Down - Amul82 and MattS
Up - LucasG and Mercado

Down - Laurence and the Guru
Up - Swish and MoS

Out - JoshP and AndrewM
In - RankSW and TJMiller

With MattS pulling out, there becomes a vacancy in Division 2 which gets filled by un-relegating Laurence.
This then creates a vacancy in Division 3 along with the vacancy by the pre-season end withdrawal of the Guru. These two spots are filled by un-relegating JoshP and AndrewM

This in turn creates two more vacancies for Division 4. This was a 12 player division that was to be trimmed to 10. With two promotions and two vacancies, this means 4boat and the recessed Stoat don't fall down a division, but instead stay in D4. And the recessed Stoat place is filled by the Guru (as listed before, bumped to the lowest tier for leaving mid-season).

So we end up with 4 divisions of 10 players each.

And then there were new players either via invitation, or by asking of themselves, which are forming Division 5.
Joining at the back-end of 2016 was CapperTowers, and this year a raft of others as per the Division structure below. Currently there is 8 in that division, which I am happy to run with. 8 or 10 in that division will work fine.
This also makes a 48 player total pool, which is a good number for the Cup competition.

@NABFW🆕@plusSixOneBlog3IN RECESS

Of note in the above, the indicators remain the same as before, but there have been added more key data.
Firstly, the 3 next to Lucrious indicates that he finished as beaten Preliminary finalist in his division last year, and therefore in 3rd place. This is important because if AFLTheory does not return to play before March 1, then Lucrious will move up a division.

Secondly, the small numbers to the right of all the Division 5 players are the order of entry to the 2017 competition. If Luc moves up, then CapperT will be first in line to move to D 4 to fill that vacancy.
Which then creates a minimum 1 spot open in Div 5.

Trust all of this makes complete sense, because it took a lot for me to work through, and attempt to 'plain English' it for you.

Feb 6:

As the AFLW gets underway, we need to start thinking about who is in again, or out for the 2017 edition of the FMITL.
Current listed players from last season are as below, ranked in divisions.
   ⭐  Promoted players
   🔻  Relegated players.
   🆕  New players are listed
   🏆  Cup champion.
   ⚡  Lightning Premier.
   🥇  Division 1 title holder.

DIV 5 #
@Sirocco1971# Proposed

* Withdrew from D3 prior to season end, eligible to re-enter competition from D5

Any players who elect not to compete in season 2017 will change this structure, so under no circumstances are these divisions final.

Now what I want for all players is confirmation (via a the link here) of competing in 2017.
Upon confirmation or withdrawal, the above groups will be reorganised.
If there is minimal change to the roster and new players want in, there is a division 5 in the offing.

Of course, if you know others who want in, let them know, and they can enter via the same link, or via a tweet to @FMI_TL.

Your handy 'whats all this bollocks about' guide is on the ABOUT tab above or via that link in the bold text just then.

Please, please, please let me know ASAP as I need to get the divisions sorted, draws done and somehow organise the Cup schedule AND run a practice game for new players as well. 
And I cant do it after round 1.

In fact, deadline to confirm will be MARCH 1st.

Get to it. Let me know and share if you know someone who may want to tip.

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  1. I am smashing Proposed Division 5. Get in front, stay in front is what I always say. Eat my dust @CT, @P47 and @TTG