Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Mar 12:

And the practice round is over.
A slight correction to the scoring method - you need to be inside the window of -3/+3 of the actual to gather the bonus point. So for example, in the Collingwood result, the window is inclusive of scores from -4 to -10.

The match results have finished as:
1(+) Richmond - Collingwood (-)107114Colling-7
2(+) Adelaide - Brisbane Lions (-)142103Adelaid39
3(+) Port Adelaide - Hawthorn (-)9689Port Ad7
4(+) Geelong - Essendon (-)122100Geelong22
5(+) St Kilda - Sydney (-)7477Sydney-3

Your head to heads:
plus 61 gets 2 from the Collingwood -7, Pearcey gets 1 each for being closer on Adelaide and Geelong, and 1 more to win it by tipping the Swans.

Len gets a single point from the Collingwood result, just missing the bonus window by 1. Straun gets 1 on the closer Adelaide tip. Both miss Port, and both score 1 on Geelong with the same margin tip. Straun then wins it with a Swans tip.

Down gets 1 from Collingwood and tipped 4 points from actual on Adeladie, but... LC15 was even closer (1 off exact), so claims 2 points out of that game. No one picked Port, and in the Geelong game, LC15 again slides closer to the actual to snare 2 more points (off by 1 again vs Down's off by 3). Down then gets 1 from the last, but loses 2-4 in a close close match-up.

ANOAFL picked two correct results from 5, but in both cases CCCody was closer on margins (The Crows and Cats games). Cody also correctly picked the Swans, and also got an exact on the Port result. That 3 points gets added to the other 3 above to drive home the 6-0 blow-out.

Both players missed out on Collingwood and Port, so 0 points from those games. OccA gets a pair of points by shading FigFooty by 1 point on the Adelaide tip, and also being closer on Geelong. FF tips Sydney, but loses 1-2.

Arc gets 2 points for being very close on the Pies, plus one more each on the Port and Swans correct tips. Savery picks up 1 point each from being closer to the actual on the Crows and Cats.

In a tough match-up, Arwon went ahead via Collingwood, then Aaron tied with Adelaide. Both missed the Port win, and both were 1 point either side of the Geelong score. Both get 2 points from that game to go to a 3-3 scoreline, and Aaron won it by tipping the Swans.

If we were to make a League table, it would be
   Cody on top (1 win and +6 score diff), followed by
   LC15 and TheArc (1w & +2 SD), then 
   Aaron, OccA, Straun and plus61 (1w and +1 SD).

   After them are the following 0 win players
   Arwon, Fig Footy, Len and Pearcy (-1 SD)
   Savery and Down/Up (-2 SD), and
   ANOAFL (-6 SD)

OK, so there is the analysis and breakdown of your practice matches.
Trust all that is easy enough to understand.
Remember the simple rules.
   -   you only get points for tipping the correct winner, and 
   -   you only get points if you are closer than your opponent  (or equally distant) from the actual margin.

Once you master that thought process, you can start working out your own scores.

Every one is back on deck in 2 weeks for the first big week... see you then!

Mar 10:

OK players, your tips are in and locked for the weekend. Here are your practice head-to-head match-ups.

Port AdHawthor-2-9-8-7-157-6-63-22-12-17
St KildSydney10-26-12-1710-7-259-12320-9

Port AdHawthor-4-11
St KildSydney-319

So lets run a SINGLE GAME EXAMPLE of say, Sydney winning by 15 (that's a -15 in the above).
That means a single point gets awarded to Strauchanside, CapiCody, FigFooty, Aaron and Plus61 for tipping correct when their opponents didn't. No points to their opponents.
(First key rule - you only get considered for points if you tipped correct)

TheArc also gets 1 point for the correct tip, and he gets another point for being close to the pin and inside the bonus window (-3 / +3 of actual... i.e. a window of 12 - 18). A total of 2 points for Mr Arc.

Downisthenewup also picked 12 points but he will get zero points because LCrowth went for Sydney by 17. He is therefore nearer the pin, so gets 2 points (correct and inside the bonus window).
(Second key rule - you have to be correct and nearest the pin to score points. If you are correct but further away... no soup for you!).

Trust that makes sense.

There is also a further point awarded for tipping the exact margin. You get 3 points for that.
Also, if two players tip the same margin (see LenP and Stra who have Geelong by 36), then both players get the same points.

So that's how scores are worked based on an AFL game.

The FMITL game result is then each players points across the 5 games totalled, and the player with the most points is awarded the head to head win, as per a league competition.

Again, hope that is clear.
Ask me on the toots if you have a Q. Otherwise sit back and watch how the weekend develops.

Mar 8:

With a few weeks before the season starts, I need to clarify the 2017 season.
First we have 54 players and I have decided to make Div's 4 and 5 with 12 players each, as below.


Lucky entrants ti Div 4 are Pearcy and plusSixOne, purely as they were first entrants to the comp. First in best ... you know the rest.

Before the season starts, all the new players will need a practice run. This will give you a guide on how to play and how to interpret match-ups and scoring etc.

So simply each week you get a blog post like this in your tweet mentions, and a selection of games to tip. Each of these games needs a margin tip, with a positive score for home wins and a negative score for away. There will be a link to a form to enter the tips.

So for the practice round, these are games to tip.

1(+) Richmond- Collingwood(-)
2(+) Adelaide- Brisbane Lions(-)
3(+) Port Adelaide- Hawthorn(-)
4(+) Geelong- Essendon(-)
5(+) St Kilda- Sydney(-)

And enter your tips through this link.

And finally, every tip set is matched up against opponents with the highest score getting a win - leage style.
I will explain more about scoring in an update after the games, but for a practice run, your match-ups are:



GO to it, enter your tips and have fun watching the last of the pre-season games knowing the score of those games impacts your FMITL tips and results.


  1. Sorry to be dense - do these results affect the regular season results?

    1. I gather this is a practice run, I was just a little thrown by the final sentence ("GO to it, enter your tips and have fun watching the last of the pre-season games knowing the score of those games impacts your FMITL tips and results.")