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UPDATE: 24 March - Season Kick-off

The very much missing in action A_OK has finally gotten in touch and wants to play. Given the late timing to re-enter, and the fact that I had already moved around A LOT of you other players to compensate, he can't allow him to rejoin in D1.

Also, just before A_OK re-contacted, over at the FMI twitter account another stats based tipster (@Stattraction) sent me his/her margin tips, completely unsolicited. So I said, 'geez you just missed out on playing FMITL'.

So now with A_OK wanting in and Stattraction interested - AND ROUND 1 not started yet - I could reconsitute D6 into a 10 player division.

So the new D6 is now...
D 6
Draws and all other tables etc will get updated ASAP.

UPDATE: 19 March - Season Eve

OK, so as you would have seen on Twitter....

So out go Laurence and A_OK, and changes have been made.

The latest Div groups are as here:

D 1
D 2
D 3
D 4
D 5
D 6

In D1 - OUT: A-OK        IN: Carlo Monty as defeated Grand Finalist.
D2 - OUT: Laurence. Carlo (up)      IN: Dem, Rudi as defeated Grand and Prelim Finalists.
D3 - OUT: Dem, Rudi (up)      IN: The Guru, NABFW as defeated Prelim and Semi Finalists.
D4 - OUT: The Guru, NABFW (up)      IN:  Lenny and Aaron as defeated Semi and Elim Finalists.
D5 - OUT: Lenny and Aaron (up)      IN:  Commish and Suburbia via being the first two to nominate to play.
D6 - OUT: Commish and Suburbia (up)     IN: Nil - playing an 8 player division.

So the draws have all been updated (see here and here), and the season starting Round 1 blog post and games to tip will be issued soon.

Lets get into footy, baby.

UPDATE: 9 March

OK players, here is a pre-season update for 2018 FMITL - now rounding out at 60 players..

First thing to note is that we have gone from 54 to 60, with the addition of 10 new players and the loss of four.
Out from 2017 are @TheArcFooty, (D5), @Ichymochek (D4), @Hcdc93 (D3) and in a shock bombshell announcement, your D1 winner @Clinton_V8 is also out.

So with those moves out and 10 new moves in (all listed under D6 below), I have finalised the playing rosters as per here.

D 1
D 2
D 3
D 4
D 5
D 6

So with Clinton out, the Sarge and Amul get saved from relegation and remain in D1 and 2 respectively.
With hcdc also leaving D3 means I can elevate defeated grand finalist HiR and defeated Prelim. player the Doc up into D3.
This then creates 3 vacancies in D4. Two of which are lost as that div moves from 12 places down to 10, and the final spot is filled by DioBrown who also escapes relegation.
Its a similar story in D5. DioBrown doesn't go down, and Arc leaves, meaning a 12 player division trims neatly down to 10.
And our new 10 players for 2018 all fit neatly into D6.


JAN 28.

Hello past FMITL'ers, and potential players as well.

I have decided to run another FMITL season, even though my circumstances have changed. More commute, more interstate travel, greater expectations on myself.

So as we start 2018, the Difficult 6th season of FMITL, please know you are entering a comp that may well shut itself down if it all becomes too much.

So after that rev-up, lets lay out the season ahead.

Preliminary Division Builds - 2018

Firstly, with an 'all things equal' approach, the below is the 2018 Season Divisional structures, based on last years results.
If everyone comes back, and no new players are added, this is what we are running with.

D 1
D 2
D 3
D 4
D 5
@HiReception@Diogenesbrown🥇Div 1 Title Holder
@Ichymochek@downisthenewup_Div Minor Premier
🏆@PokemonHunter78@OccAnalyst🏆FMICL Cup Winner
@SAvery1967@plusSixOneBlogLightning Cup Winner
@Sirocco1971@StrauchansidePossible relegation if a
@TheTipsGuru@TheArcFootyDiv 6 is instituted

Now then, the astute of you in D4 and D5 will see some question marks. These are tagged to the lowest finishers in those divisions, and these players are first in line to move down IF NEEDED.

Move down? Yes. Both divisions are 12 player sets, and the ideal is 10 per div. So if there is a need, (eg a 6th div come on), then I could shuffle some/all of those question marked players around.

There are already 2 new players wanting in (so follow CommishSuper10 and Suburbia3121) and they will enter in D5 or D6. Also above one name change... CapperTowers changes to OSullySport.
Let me know if there are other name changes too.

Any players who elect not to compete in season 2017 will change this structure, so under no circumstances are these divisions final.
If some people step out of competition, I will move others up based on last year.

Confirmation of Play - 2018

Can everyone who has been tagged in the tweets about this post PLEASE indicate your intent for 2018 by CLICKING THE LINK and completing the registration.

(PS: No need to click the link Swish, J_F, Pearcy, RankingSW, Sirocco, Carlo and Doc Mubutu... done and recorded).

Of course, if you know others who want in, let them know, and they can enter via the same link, or via a tweet to @FMI_TL.

And for any newcomers, jut send them to the handy 'whats all this bollocks about' guide on the ABOUT tab above or via that link in the bold text just then.

Please, please, please let me know ASAP as I need to get the divisions sorted, draws done ETC.

Deadline to confirm will be MARCH 1st.

Get to it. Let me know and share if you know someone who may want to tip.

Other Things - 2018

As before, I m potentially getting in waaaay over my head this year, so

  1. I will be relying on you lot MORE THAN EVER to get them tips in on time. I cant be sending reminder all the time.
  2. Hot tip on remembering your tips, courtesy of Steve (ASpeedingCar) - set a calendar entry and reminder for every Thursday at your preferred time... how easy!
  3. There will be no tipping on Thursday night games because its too damn hard. I have no idea how I will handle Tues and Weds Anzac games... most likely they are OUT.
  4. I am still in two minds about running the Cup this year. And the Lightning Premiership. Oh yeah, and reckon I will ditch the belts. Gotta make this stuff easy to manage.
  5. Also, I reckon I will increase promotion / relegation to mandatory 2 up / 2 down (minimum, possibly 3 at the lower 12 player levels).

So, lets get this nonsense 'non-footy' period over and, and lets get into footy!

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